How to manage the crowd at the clinics in Covid-19 pandemic time through technology?

How to manage the crowd at the clinics in Covid-19 pandemic time through technology?

Doctors are professionals who are very busy and occupied in concern of time management. They always have challenges to manage all the patients. We have seen the queue outside the doctor’s appointments. We always have seen people have a lot to struggle to have speedy and certain doctor consultancy. A patient or sick person always looking easy, efficient, non-waiting, not standing in line, and having the best resolution of a particular doctor’s appointment.
DINGG is the finest, best, and innovative application that solves this problem with the optimum solutions. We have a concept to “Make Your Waiting Certain“. We live in the 21st century and life has become very advanced with technological change in these eras but there are some life challenges that have not changed like fitness, health, and human basic requirements. And on the contrary, we all do not have a lot of time to stand in a queue or wait at the porch to get the doctor’s consultation.
DINGG is the application which can make simplification of doctor consultation in five below points;
     DINGG helps to search doctors for certain consultation as individual choice
     DINGG is different from another medical application as we have the unique feature of priority booking of Appointment
     DINGG is an easy, efficient and simple user-friendly application and Available in Android and iOS platform and it’s easy to download and use it
     DINGG has core competencies is “ Make your waiting certain” and starting from booking to paying bills are all process are available with discount and various offers on this new design application
     DINGG problem solving of random booking of doctors appointments, messy queue frame and unnecessary standing in a queue and paying a higher price for doctor consultation so we bring your town, city and area best doctors on our application who bring this solution with a perfect, easy and cost-efficient deal of a doctor appointment

At present we are observing there are because of Covid-19 impact on social life and we are practicing social distancing. DINGG is playing a vital role to resolve this challenge of the social distance of such virus effects and infections by not gathering a lot of people at the same venue or doctor place. An individual can get appointments of certain time duration and can pay as a proactive booking with discounts and coupons for other services available with applications, like grocery, beauty salons, and hospital destination booking for other services.

Metro, megacities in India are getting large and the population is increasing with areas; besides all people have less time to wait and get the consultations of doctors. Even doctors have that concern to sort all appointments within day duration. We are starting DINGG with Pune city and expanding coverage with other cities of India. Gradually we will cover cities and towns of India hence we can provide the thousands of doctors on our applications and millions of users can get the benefit of such beautiful and useful applications.

We are connecting and increasing our doctor’s availability on the application and we have a dynamic, best, qualified, skilled technical team who has created this application and manages day to day basis. We are welcoming doctors and new users to join the application. Further, see how to download the application steps.

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