Why Use Corporate Storytelling in a Digital Marketing Plan

Why Use Corporate Storytelling in a Digital Marketing Plan

The company storytelling can make a difference in the digital age where a television commercial or radio or an advertisement booklet have the problem of being physically limited. To launch a message within a marketing strategy and make it unforgettable these tools are sometimes not enough.
The art of storytelling does not start as a marketing technique but finds an excellent response in digital.

Internet, storytelling and marketing: a winning union

The fact that our brain is constantly bombarded with information - much of which is useless - has led us to have a low attention span. Precisely 8 seconds, according to a study by Microsoft.
Password: knowing how to attract attention and tell a story, here is the best way to earn the concentration of a potential customer, because everyone loves stories.

The importance of attracting attention

Stories generate emotions and emotions influence our purchasing decisions. According to experts, in fact, 90% of purchase decisions are made unconsciously. Partly because of the tendency to imitate those around us, partly because of the image that particular object brings to our mind.
Stories are not only remembered but also influence people's behavior. All this happens because stories are the means we use to make sense of the world around us.

We all love to listen and tell stories because:

·         Produces sensations;
·         Generates reflections and opinions.

Why use storytelling in digital marketing?

Because it allows you to talk about your company, the product and the sector by making the public feel part of that same world and because the stories will make them live the same emotions.
Second, it is the means to create in the minds of the public that image of the company and its products that makes them unforgettable.

Goals of storytelling

The objectives of the company storytelling are the following:
·         Being seen, that is, attracting the attention that in the era of social networks depends above all on the image;
·         Be read avoiding being boring and letting the prospect run away;
·         Be honest, that is, do not deceive the recipient or give him false hopes;
·         Be remembered;
·         To act.
The last two points, the most important ones, are those on which history has the greatest influence. In fact, a good story is remembered because it generates emotions and pushes a potential customer to act. A good story for a company will have to respect some fundamental points.

Identify the audience

The first thing to do is to understand who your customers are: fathers of families, mothers, students, small business owners, and so on. You can get a clear idea of ​​it by analyzing who follows your activity on social networks, but also through questionnaires and interviews.

Define the contents

Explain what makes you different from everyone else:
·         What characterizes your company?
·         How production works;
·         What binds you to the territory and tradition?
All these are the elements that create the value of the products and that help to create the image of a company. They are the heart of your work, but also what consumers are looking for: don't keep them for yourself, communicate them and excite!
Choosing content that speaks of your uniqueness has only one purpose: to engage emotionally. You have to excite those who visit and read the site.

How to make corporate storytelling work? 

·         The character is your product or your ideal customer;
·         Complication is a doubt;
·         The texture is what makes your product unique and justifies its difference;
·         Resolution is the moment when the product eliminates doubt and helps the consumer to choose.

Refine the details

A story without details that make it unique is like a plate of pasta cooked without salt: it can be presented fabulously but it will always remain tasteless. Don't forget that your goal is to make contact with those who visit your site and read your stories. And this connection can only exist if you create an authentic context.

Expand the story

When your story is ready, you need to make it known. And also for this point, the Internet helps us, through social media and web marketing tools. But how to understand which social network to choose?
Simple: when you identified the customers, you also identified the "places" of the web where they love to spend their time. Publish the stories on the site and then use Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or one of the other social networks to show them to the world. The story, in fact, does not have to be a text: it can also be told with videos or images.

Company storytelling: conclusions

To conclude, use the stories to give the audience the emotions and cultural wealth they seek. Because improving their life and knowledge means improving your sales.
Remember, the only way to show why you are different from everyone else is to tell it.

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