A Complete History And Possible Future Of Delta Airlines

A Complete History And Possible Future Of Delta Airlines

History Of Delta Airlines
The legacy carriers are somewhat, interesting non-Jew to their flamboyant history but also the way they shape the industry as we know it today and are continuously evolving the market as the days go by, ever since the early 2000s, the legacy carriers how carried a negative image with them and telling the smiles of millions of passengers upside down is known for its very basic customer service.
The corporate person that they've adopted to please their investors the people of the US and the legacy carriers have often clashed with one, another although the comments made regarding the airlines may be true to an extent, DeltaFlights can be seen as an airline which is making progress trying to please the customer waka PR and an attempt to move forward, although the future looks very bright their past was a difficult one so the naming of Delta Airlines occurred in 1928 when Colette Waldman purchased the company and renamed the Delta Air Service and started flying passengers but, the real origin of the airline actually started in 1924 when it was only a tiny crop-dusting company in northeastern Louisiana called Huftalin dusters, now collie Wolman was mesmerized by the prospect of the flight I wanted to launch his own airline little did he realize that it will become one of the biggest airlines in the world so the world war happens and the airline benefited by purchasing military aircraft at a very cheap price at this point that growth started to increase and they wanted to stretch their legs so he decided to purge his Chicago and southern airlines in 1953.
The takeover was almost a merger which saw Delta flying under the Korean name of Delta CNS for the next two years this was a great move for the airline because it provided them with their first international route, so they looked planes and they were growing and to help with the increase of demand they purchased new jet planes such as the DCA's this allowed the airline to start flying to Europe in the 1970s and across the Pacific to Australia in the 1980s.
There was a further expansion, when Northeast Airlines was acquired in August 1972, allowing it to expand firmly along the eastern seaboard of the United States by this time they were consolidating and fairly established within the aviation market, however, competition from all sides was getting more heated as the saying in business goes if you can't fight them then buy them and that's exactly what Delta did so by 1986 they had their eyes on Western Airlines.
Many protests occurred from the public and also the union's tried to stop the workforce integration, however, the efforts were only futile the takeover was complete and Weston's former hope in Salt Lake City became Delta's major hub allowing them to access destinations such as Mexico, Hawaii and even Australia.
Now we know that in the industry you have to continuously innovate to stay alive and relevant Delta was no exception they introduced in-flight entertainment in the 1960s where audio programming was introduced in headphones.
They also adopted in-flight movies with projection equipment introduced on the l-1011 fleet also during the same time period CRT monitors over the aisles were added to the sound files on fleets and they were also one of the first airlines to introduce an in-seat video system in 1999 which gained a lot of publicity on the early Boeing triple7 aircraft so by the mid-1990s Delta was profitable long-haul but they were suffering increasing competition on short-haul routes so the airline decided to launch Delta Express in 1996 in an attempt to be first in the competition of low-cost airlines on leisure-oriented routes.
Its main base of operations were at Orlando but in 2003 they moved from Orlando to JFK they carried high load from the northeast of Florida at very low fares but they could never really compete with JetBlue and other low-cost airlines.
Delta Express was replaced by the song which was a new low fare airline that Delta introduced but that was also dismounted a few years later so the years moved on and old habits die very hard and it's time to buy another airline Northwest Airlines was taken over by Delta in October 2008 to form the world’s biggest airline during that time.
It took more than two years to officially merge the two operations schedules and reservation systems, at the end Delta, completed the accession of Northwest in January 2010 when the Northwest Airlines name and the brand were formally retired, overall Delta has a history of good management and profitability in the early days that were very practical and always fought on their feet.
They purchased new Jets only when needed they were aggressive they avoided labor as they were continuously innovative and most importantly the global expansion of the airline in the post-war era elevated it to become one of the world's biggest airlines despite the difficulty that much of the industry finds itself in today and the continuing challenges of operating in a deregulated environment Delta will continue to have an impact on many people around the world. Read about DeltaComfort Plus.
Future Of Delta Airlines

Delta is an airline which is a major player in the United States with hubs across the country, including in Los Angeles, Atlanta Detroit, New York and Seattle, the carrier operates thousands of daily flights and has an expansive fleet.
I plan to discuss what's next for the airline looking at their expansion plans fleet replacement and the future fleet will begin with their fleet though as you may be aware something that does interest me greatly similar to American Airlines.
The Delta flu is not only large but the variety of aircraft they operate is what is even more startling. What I'll do now is go over every single aircraft they operate and then after that we'll ever talk about their future.
The airline operates 1a to 2100 which was delivered in recent days to them they fly the a319  100 and have over 50 at their disposal continuing on the a320 family is popular with both the a320 200 and the a320 1200 featuring the airline has the a330 200 and the a330 300 operating as well with close to 50 a330s combined flying with them.
Next up is the a350 900 fun fact Delta was the first in the United States to fly the aircraft at this stage the airline has just 11 in service they operate several Boeing aircraft as well highlighting how they are a carrier which certainly doesn't stick to just one manufacturer their fleet of Boeing aircraft includes the seven-one-seven 200 737-700 737-800  737-900er moving on to larger aircraft next on their list is both the 757-200 and 757-300 they actually have over 100 - 200s in their fleet and are therefore the largest the operator of that variants.
The 767-300 features in their fleet but they have very few the - 300er variant is farther more popular with 50 plus. They also operate the longer 767 400 yar they follow to bombing aircraft and other triple 7 200 AR and the triple 7 200 LR. They operate around 150 McDonnell Douglas aircraft with the MD 88 and the MD-90 finally featuring what's next for the airline though in fleet replacement as well as new orders the airline will be welcoming a further 74a to 2100s in the future the a2 2100 set to replace the seven-one-seven 200 aircraft meanwhile there a321 Neos and also a321 200s will help replace three aircraft types including the MD-88 MD-90 and the 757-200s.
The carrier will also welcome in the a330 neo as well from 2020 and this aircraft will help replace their 767-300ers they will welcome a further 14 at this stage a350 s to their fleet this 737-900ers will also replace the MD-88 MD-90 and the 757-200 meanwhile they'll say goodbye to their 767-300 and other aircraft.
Delta is undergoing a major streamline and similar to other American carriers they've realized that while this sort of extensive fleet was beneficial decades ago now aircraft are purposely built to do things that say for aircraft types could from 40 years ago.
This results in airlines having fewer aircraft types put ordering more aircraft overall examples of this include the a321 neo and the a2 2100 within Delta's fleet. These various orders do have options available to the airline should they wish to activate them for instance there are some 50 additional options for the a2 2100 and this is on top of their original order for 75.
What about routes Delta and airline thankfully which is perfectly outlined their expansion in different interviews which suddenly makes my job a lot easier at Bastion the Delta CEOs completed interviews with the likes of USA Today Bloomberg and Reuters however we can learn more about their expansion today through his interview with USA Today just a few months ago during this interview we learn more about what their future would entail the airline is eyeing more flights Asia and Europe.
Bastion believes that these two areas are key to the airline's growth. This year the airline announced it would return to India and will also start flights to Seoul which would take place through a joint venture with Korean Air, another thing Delta wants is to create less competition across the Atlantic by using joint ventures with the likes of Virgin Atlantic and the Air France / KLM group.
Bastian said long-term a Delta I think our opportunity is international India is a location that Delta believe they can actually thrive in with Bastion further commenting saying it's a high technology field there's a tremendous amount of innovation that's going on in the Indian marketplace adding I think it's going to be a tremendous opportunity, besides, these joint ventures will benefit the airline with their sole route with Korean air resulting in passengers being able to transfer on two different routes throughout Asia.
Bastian commented on this to the USA Today saying as we bring customers to Seoul Korean can distribute them on a non-stop basis to 80 different destinations including 30 destinations in China alone with one of the most efficient hubs in the world while there is certainly much more to an airline's future than say expansion and fleet
These two areas really do interest me the most. What are your thoughts on Delta let me know in the comments section below?

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