Your 101 Guide to Joining the Prestigious Merchant Navy

Your 101 Guide to Joining the Prestigious Merchant Navy

 We all have dreams and hopes for our careers. I am sure many of you have already planned what he/she wants to achieve. Plans of bright careers are already in action. Amidst all this, there might be someone who is aiming for the high seas.

A career in the Prestigious Merchant Navy is an option that doesn’t only give thrills to read but also is a rewarding line of work.

Let us just list few salient features of being in Merchant Navy
       The prospect of traveling the whole world.
       Meeting many different cultures.
       Exempted Income Tax.
       Fast Promotions with no age criteria.
       Being an officer.
       The responsibility of running a million-dollar ship with her cargo.
       Being responsible for a crew and running the manpower behind it.
       Free Food and accommodation with no lodging expenses on Board.

Now that you know how beneficial work in the Merchant Navy can be, let’s talk about the job options:

There are two departments for you to choose from. You can either choose to work in the deck department or as a Marine Engineer. It will be best if you join the Marine Institute in India. They can guide and help you to reach your chosen option.

Deck Department: This is where you will start off as a Deck Cadet. Your main responsibilities would be to maintain and run the ship, cargo, tanks etc. You will have to supervise the cargo loading and unloading. Later on, you will be promoted accordingly. The promotion the process goes on as:

       The Third Officer
       Then The Second Officer
       Lastly The Chief Officer

Eligibility for Deck Department

       BSc Nautical Science (3 Years)
       Diploma in Nautical Science (Leads by BSc Nautical Science. Duration can be 1 year)

Engine Department: A chief engineer will be the one, who will be in charge of the engine department. This department is responsible for the maintenance of the ship’s machinery. You will be responsible to run the main engine, boiler, diesel generator and numerous other machinery onboard. There are basically three engineers under the chief engineer. The promotions go accordingly with it:

       The Junior Engineer
       The Third Engineer
       The Second Engineer

Eligibility for Engine Department

       BE/B Tech Marine Engineering (4 Years)

Who can join the Merchant Navy.? Is there any Eligibility Criteria.?

Although it is a popular career choice for many nowadays, many don’t know much about the eligibility and the process of joining.
Before making a choice and become part of the Merchant navy one needs to know things like:
       Eligibility to entry.
       Other qualifications.
       Choice of Courses etc.

Here is a list of Eligibility Criteria for you to understand it better:

  A Minimum of 10th Pass Certificate is required to Join Merchant Navy as GP Rating or the crew.
   A 12th Science pass is required to join as a Deck officer or Marine engineer.  Further, a 3 to 4 years course has to be completed in any Merchant Navy Academy. The Marine Institute of India specializes in courses for the Merchant Navy and can provide more information on it.
  Science graduates, mechanical diploma holders or mechanical engineering graduates can also join the Merchant navy.
  Electrical diploma holders or electrical engineering graduates can also join the Merchant Navy as an electrical engineer.


In addition to the prospect of large remuneration, the chance to sail around the globe and the adventure appeal on the high seas draws many youths to have a career in the merchant navy. The profession hands out opportunities to explore unique and exciting destinations across the globe. Life in the merchant navy is not only monetarily lucrative but also enjoyable and quite challenging.


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