Five Best Home Decorating Trends For 2020

Five Best Home Decorating Trends For 2020

Home decoration trends keep changing with time. Every era, every decade, every year, the market welcomes new changes in the way people decorate their homes. Sometimes industry affects the decor culture, and sometimes people and their choices affect the industry. In this vice-versa relation, the ultimate fact that appears is that it is best to stay aware of the latest trends.

Here are the 5 best home decorating trends that are ruling 2020:

  1. Home theatres

Gone are the days when going out for movie was the only method to enjoy big-screen luxury. Now, this privilege is available at homes, and people are accepting this culture quite fast. Having a big home screen and audio rooms is even among the choices of the home buyers. When they buy a house, they do not miss to confirm everything about the possibilities of installing the home theatre in it.
If you want the same, explore the market, and you will find many affordable options for this. Previously this trend belonged to only super-rich families and homes, but now a wider class of people can afford it.

2. DIY stuff to reflect the personality

Nowadays, people are not fond of everything they see in home decor magazine or on the internet. Decorating a home does not stimulate social status struggle much; in fact, people now want to reflect their personalities. They want to express their thoughts on the walls, floors, gardens, backyard etc.
It is the time to create your masterpieces from your hands. Whether it is a small photo frame on the side table in the living room or a handmade curtain in the bedroom, such things reflect your personality.

There is a long and promising list of the things people are creating to decorate their house –
The unprecedented use of cabinet door as a tray

  • Pattered dresser
  • Star mirror
  • Cork/ Ruffle lamps
  • Pillow pocket
  • Hand-dyed napkins
  • Laundry bags from old bedsheets

After reading this list, your creativity is getting inspiration to come out and construct some awesome for your home. Isnt it? Then what are you waiting for, employ your quirky mind to create something special? It can be simple but truly represents your taste, mood and personality.

Recycling of kitchen

Kitchen is the most positive part of a house. The taste it creates prevents mood swings after a long and hectic day. A fight between the family members can be tackled well by making yummy food and enjoying it together. In short, it is the melting point of all emotions that turns into positive vibes.
People nowadays are investing considerable efforts and money to redesign their kitchens. When they buy a new home, they prefer to borrow the full amount on a mortgage to change the kitchen design.
The lenders and brokers that get such demands can tell you about this. Find a renowned name in the lending industry, and you can explore the possibilities for your plans. If you do not believe you could visit an online broker service such as Shine Mortgages to compare mortgages. Lenders on the panel have all your needs in their minds already.

Restyling of shelf

Shelves have always been the important part of our homes. They keep so many things and make the place look organized. Nowadays, people are experimenting with new things with their shelves. They are decorating it most creatively.

From changing the shelf color to its role (not only to hold books), but there is much to do too. A mere change in the location can also bring a new look to the corner. Shelves usually belong to the busiest spaces in the house.  It is necessary to make them look good.
Eco-friendly furniture

Safety of nature from the unfriendly human habits is a big concern nowadays. As a result, environment-friendly furniture has come into the world of home decor. It has the minimum or no effect on the environment. The people with a minimalistic lifestyle especially like this idea.
Some of the prevalent furniture types are -

  • Burrow – For home accessories and living room seating
  • Thuma  - It is the platform bed frame
  • Chairish - Bedroom, storage, tables, seating
  • Crate & Barrel – A collection for dining & home office

Many more options are available if you explore the market. The cost is not high, and according to your budget, you can certainly find some options.

Whatever trend is there it is majorly about the inculcation of the individuality of the people live in a house. The walls are light blue because the owner is a peace lover; the living room is quirky as the boy who lives in the house is a rock band star. Just let your inner self come out and decorate the place according to the human in your core. Your home will surely secure a good feel and many beholders.

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