7 benefits of having a coffee maker at work

7 benefits of having a coffee maker at work

Most of us drink coffee in the morning to wake up and start the day with a lot of energy, in addition to some other properties it offers us, morning coffee is a ritual. Many of those coffee fans prefer to buy their glass of coffee on the way to work because they think it is the most practical. Here we are going to give you more than one reason to stop doing it and choose to prepare it in a coffee maker.

It seems a bit frivolous and even comical for those of you who are used to reading me on this blog, but I can assure you that it is not.

As absurd as it may seem, having a coffee maker at work greatly improves productivity. Although it may seem even more absurd, in many offices they do not yet have a coffee maker.

Having a coffee maker at work has a number of benefits that we should not underestimate if we want to have an optimal work environment and productive workers:
It encourages conversation; this creates bonds between colleagues and improves the organizational climate.

Create a more relaxed atmosphere within the office itself, which encourages creativity and the flow of ideas without leaving the office. -Improves the work environment by itself, for a few euros adds to the office a valuable comfort for many employees.

Avoid unnecessary waste of time: when someone wants a coffee, all they have to do is go to the coffee machine, they don't have to go to any machine or expressly go to a nearby bar.
It makes workers stay within the work environment even when they take breaks, which maintains a certain degree of concentration that is very useful when facing the next work cycle.

It helps to improve the daily productivity curve, allowing us to implement a coffee as a short break within our Pomodoro cycles and make a coffee with an online coffee maker.
It is an aid to break the ice and improve the climate in a meeting. It is not the same to start a meeting with a client just as doing it while you enjoy a cup of coffee, especially the meetings in the morning and after lunch.

It is a cheap object, which takes up little space, with minimal logistics and carries a large number of benefits and practically no disadvantages. Why not has a coffee maker in the office then?

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