Tips For Long Flights that will Make Your Journeys More Comfortable

Tips For Long Flights that will Make Your Journeys More Comfortable

 Do you dread the thought of long flights? Have you got one bad experience that is painting all long flights as something to be avoided at all costs? Are you planning the best place to travel in summer for spending your vacations?

If you answered yes, don’t worry. Here, you are going to discover great tips to help you enjoy your flights and have a sound sleep. Long flights are not that bad as you might think. If you prepare in advance-- to your surprise - it can be the most rewarding experience.

Tip#1 Wear Comfy Clothes: The plane’s temperature is not acceptable for everyone. You will be sweating hot, while the other person next row will be freezing chill. You never know who you are going to be in that situation. So it’s advisable to wear multiple layers so you can take them off or keep them as the temperature changes. And one more thing, make sure it’s comfortable you don’t want to wear skinny jeans on long flights

Tip#2 Read a Good Book: You can read a physical book or bring your kindle along. Reading helps you relax, time flies when you read and on top of that you gain good knowledge.

If reading a book is not your thing you can either switch that with a good magazine or newspaper. Or if you are an auditory learner-- you can try audiobooks-- kindle has lots of them. What can go wrong with that?

Tip#3 Pack Up Your Devices: Before you board the plane, make sure all your gadgets and devices (i.e. smartphone, laptop, tablet, e-reader etc) are fully loaded in terms of content like music, tv shows, movies, games.

Additionally, you can get the airline’s app, if they happen to stream entertainment that way.
Tip#4 Power Up: Charge your devices to the max and bring in those extra batteries if your plan does not have electric outlets.

Additionally, you can bring in your portable consoles or play games on your mobile. But make sure you have charging banks to fill up for those energy blocks.

Tip#5 Noise Cancellation Headphones: You can thank me later for this one. If a baby is screaming near you or someone is talking loudly, cheap earplugs won’t help much. You will need to pop some noise-cancellation earbuds. You can listen to soft relaxing music, enlightening audiobook or meditation sounds to help you dose off to sleep

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Tip#6 Sleeping Pills: This one is not for everyone but if you happen to be insomniac and sensitive-sleeper, you might consider these. Usually, Melatonin or Ambien are great for short term sleep problems. However, make sure you consult your doctor before trying out any sleep drug.
Tip#7 Fluffy Eye Mask: Get a good fluffy eye mask not the cheap scratchy one that airlines pass for long flights. Less light hitting your eyes and darker your environment, the more sound sleep you will get. This goes hand in hand with producing Melatonin, the sleep chemical that produces in your brain when it gets dark.

Tip#8 Choose Seat Wisely: The best seat for long flights is the one next to the window. That way you can sleep and lean on something-- and your seatmates can’t disturb you-- if they happen to take a piss. But if you reckon you will be awake then aisle seats are good to stretch those tired and numb legs

Tip#9 A Blanket and Pillow: Not most of the airlines provide blankets and pillows. So it would be wise to get these for yourself. There are a lot of travel pillows out there that you can check out. If a blanket or a pillow sounds too much for you, get yourself a comfy sweater

Tip#10 Bring in Your Snacks and Water: On long flights, you would want to eat and drink on your own schedule and not on the flight crews. So bring in your favorite snacks and purified water to keep you satisfied. You can get them at the terminal after you are done through security. Once you are in the air the crew can bring out the food in up to 40 minutes. That can be a lot of time for some. Also, it takes up to an hour for the taxi to show up once you have landed. It can be comforting that you have something to munch on those situations

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