In today’s world, there are millions of people in the world who are doing online shopping. Online shopping makes everything very relaxing and comfortable for people. The e-commerce market is developing day by day. People find a lot of features of cashback, varieties while doing online shopping. The customers don’t want to go out of their homes and want everything should be delivered at their homes. The sellers are giving an advantage to customers by promoting their products online and delivering to customers. This helps businesses to increase ad grow faster.

There are lots of advantages which we have discussed of online shopping but some major disadvantages are also there of online shopping. The security and safety of information is the major disadvantage of online shopping for which every customer got worried. For shopping via online mode, the customer has to fill their personal, account and every detail which can be the major issue of security for them. The consumer mainly concerns about various online shopping problems like –

  •  Identity theft: - The customer’s personal details are hacking via online shopping. The attackers are attacking the identity of the consumers. 

  • Online data storage: - The data which you fill online will be saved on the website in the form of cookies which can be used by anyone in the future. 

  • Security information: - During online shopping, there is a possibility of leaking your secure information and details like your home address.

  • Shipping costs: - Most of the online shopping companies are taking delivery charges which make it difficult for customers to choose whether to buy from online or directly from the store. 

  • Price inconsistencies: - On shopping via online mode, you cannot bargain with the people who are selling the products. The price in which they are selling you has to buy at the same price only. 

  • No return time: - The online shopping companies will not provide you with a particular return time of the product if you receive any wrong or damaged product. 

  • Returns not accepted: - Some online shopping companies do not accept return which becomes a problem for customers to decide for ordering the product or not.


·  Choose credit over debit – This is the advice which if anyone gave you then accepts it as credit cards are the ones that provide you protection against identity theft. The credit cards give you liability for fraudulent charges but the debit cards did not. The time you get to know that there is a problem with your debit card by that time all your money is cleanout from the account. There is a possibility that you will get the money back but in some cases, it does not happen and you will not get a single penny. This is the reason to use a credit card over a debit card as it will be a safer option.

· SSL Security/ Website security: - Whenever you are planning to do online shopping always check the website of the company is secure or not. The technology in the latest world becomes so advanced that you yourself get to know that the website is secure with an SSL certificate or not. There is a small lock icon shows when you open any website in the URL linking box, that icon is the proof of SSL security certificate as well as the safety of your information. 

· Don’t shop on the shared device – For online shopping always use your personal mobile phones or computers and try to do online shopping at your home. If you are using a public device for online shopping like internet café computers, workplace devices, etc., then this might not secure your information. The personal devices and online shopping at home is the safer and secure option for saving your details.

· Don’t store information – Big and large shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., provides you with the option of saving your card details online for faster ordering. Never store any type of information on the online shopping platform. This can increase the chances of risk of attacking the information and online shopping companies will give any responsibility for safety. Fill up the details take a little longer time but it is a much safer option.

· Shop with the reputable website – There are various online shopping platforms from which you can buy products but again it is risky if you change so many websites for shopping and entering your details on every website. Always try to shop with a reputed, branded, and familiar online shopping website on which you have trust and faith. This will prevent in sharing your information on various websites. 

· Use strong passwords – When you are creating your account on an online shopping website then while entering your personal details always use the strongest password which is very difficult to crack by anyone. Don’t use typical passwords like 12345 and all. Use unique and random passwords that you can remember easily and people will not be able to guess. For example- mobile numbers of your faraway relatives, billing address, etc.

· Encrypt your data – The browser which you are using for online shopping keeps that secure and encrypted. Use software and websites that show encryption like the security of SSL certificate which will help in protecting your personal details and account information. Any online transaction should be made only after searching that the website is secure with an SSL certificate or not. 

·      Keep devices secure – You should always use your personal devices for online shopping as they are safer options. But again keep them protected as well with passwords and locks so that if anyone tries to open your details then they first have to come to you. Protect and encrypt your apps and personal devices with strong passwords.

·     Use a virtual prepaid card – The best option is to use disposable credit cards. The card provides you with the facility of adding a particular amount and once the balance of the card is zero you can add again or purchase a new card. These types of cards are very easy to purchase. The criminal cannot gain any access from these disposable prepaid cards.

About the author –

Crumb Peter is a cybersecurity expert at comparecheapssl and a writer by a choice. He handles various operations.

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