Top 7 Secret Techniques To Improve SEO

Top 7 Secret Techniques To Improve SEO

Top 7 Secret Techniques To Improve SEO


Are you interested in getting a good rank on the SERPs without paying a huge amount of money? For this you have to allow SEO to perform the required task in a right way. Now creating and publishing the optimized digital content is possible in Blogger and WordPress because SEO is evolving continuously. It is true that visibility is most important for any online content. Getting a spot on Google's first page is very difficult if you have to compete with digital articles that are billions in number. Now I am going to tell you top 7 secret techniques to improve SEO.

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1. Identify the SEO issues and fix them

You can check and detect the SEO issues by using the Woorank tool of SEO. The webpage’s URL needs to be copy-pasted by you. Woorank will perform the remaining task. The website’s code will be accessed by the SEO checking tools. After that they will prepare a report. On the basis of that report, they will give you the suggestions.

2. Identify the broken links

After facing a dead link page we get frustrated. If after clicking on a link you can’t reach a desired webpage then it is known as the broken link. As a result, the visitors get disappointed. Providing a very good experience to the visitors is the aim of Google. It is not ideal to visit an error page. The possibility of your webpage to be listed on the SERPs top decreases if broken links are not fixed by you. It is because the content of the page will be considered as non-updated by the algorithm. If your domain contains any broken links then you can quickly verify this with a tool known as Brokenlinkcheck.com.

3. Select the image size that is right 

Loading of the images takes a long time. It has been found that more than 38 % of people abandon the page if it takes 2-10 seconds to give a response. For quick loading of your website the format and size of the image needs to be right. In order to check the speed of your website you can take the help of a tool known as PageSpeedInsight.

4. Use HTML code with proper care 

At the time of SEO the HTML code is ignored by a lot of website owners. If something happens behind the scenes then it needs to be adjusted by you. We can say that every website’s skeleton is a coding language that is HTML. You will be happy to know that for improving SEO, no coding skills are needed. There are two ways of ranking the web pages by Google:

      On the basis of analysis of HTML content

      On the basis of the traffic

5. Perform an optimization of your meta description and title tag 

In order to boost the ranking of your webpage you need to optimize the key HTML tags which are meta description tag and title tag. For giving the information about websites and web pages to visitors as well as to the search engine these help a lot.

6. Try to use the Google Search Console 

The Google Webmaster Tools’ improved version is Google Search Console. Not only the webmaster experts can use it but a wider audience can also use it. For boosting your SEO by digging deeper this SEO tool of Google will help you a lot.

7. Provide Google what it wants 

If you are interested in driving traffic to your site then you need to provide the visitors with very good content. It needs to be:










If you take interest in getting social media marketing services then it will be good for you to contact a Digital marketing company.


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