Different Types of House Cleaners

Different Types of House Cleaners

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A clean home is healthy for the residents and you need a cleaner to keep every part of your home clean. A home has different rooms and open areas and for each part you have to use different cleaning agent. Some of these cleaning agents are acidic while some are alkaline. You need to choose the one which is suitable for your house. In this article, we will talk about different products that can be used in house cleaning.

Types of cleaners

There are some cleaners that can be used for all purposes while some of them are used for special purpose only. Let us discuss both of them.

1.     Abrasive Cleaners

Abrasive cleaner is available in liquid and powder form and they are used in such places where there is accumulation of large amount of soil. You need to soak a steel scrubber in the liquid of powder and then you have to rub the surface to clean it. Abrasive cleaners should not be overused as they can deteriorate the shining of the surface.


2.     Non-Abrasive Cleaners

Non-abrasive cleaner is available in different forms.  If they are available in the form of a powder, they have to be dissolved in a liquid and you have to decide the concentration of the powder. They are also available in liquid form and can be used for cleaning.


3.     Specialty Cleaners

Specialty cleaners are also of many types and they can be used for particular tasks. They are suitable for cleaning some of the surfaces only. Let us discuss these cleaners one by one.

·       Bleaches

Bleaches can be used to remove stains from different types of fabric. It can also remove stains from hard surfaces like kitchen platform, bathroom tiles, and many more places. Another use of bleaches is that they can kill bacteria and viruses so they can be used as disinfectant.

·       Drain Openers

Drains of kitchen, bathroom, and other places can get clogged due to various reasons. Such drains need to be opened and in order to do that you can use build up removers. These products are available in the form of liquid which you have to pour in the blocked drain. The product consists of enzymes that break down the organic products. The liquids are strong and are available in concentrated form so they should be used with care.

·       Glass Cleaners

Glass cleaners have been made in such a way that they can clean the surface without scratching them. You should prefer liquid glass cleaner as they will bring shining to the glass without scratching them. The main ingredients of these cleaners are surfactants whose job is to remove the dust on the surface. You should prefer alkaline liquids as there are amazingly effective in cleaning the dust and stains on the glass.

·       Metal cleaners

Cleaning metallic surfaces can be a big problem, so you have to select such products that can clean the surface without fading the look of the surface. Metal cleaning agents can be found in the form of pastes or opaque liquids. These pastes and liquids consist of organic acids which help in removing the stains. Surfactants are also available to remove soil from the metallic surface.

·       Carpet and Rug Cleaners

Carpet and rug cleaner is available in the form of shampoos. Other products for cleaning the carpets are aerosols, readymade liquids, powders, and many others. These products have the ability to remove stains and absorb all the dust and dirt present on the carpets.

Wrapping Up

These are some types of the cleaners that you can use for different surfaces. These products are available in the form of liquid and powder and you can purchase the one that is suitable to clean everything in your house. These products are strong and some of them can be dangerous too. So, they should be kept away from the reach of children.


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