What stage are PUBG – AIRTEL discussions

What stage are PUBG – AIRTEL discussions


Update on PUBG UNBAN In India

PUBG Update: After PUBG’s forced break-up with Tencent in India, the promoters PUBG Corporation has got into discussion with at least dozen companies to solve the India con-durum. From Reliance Jio, PayTM to now Airtel various permutations-combinations have been discussed and explored by the PUBG promoters but nothing has materialized till date. Every time some news comes in, market gets excited that PUBG will soon get operational in India but after few days everything gets fizzled out. 

So the big question : Will this time the new discussion with AIRTEL actually move forward or will it again just excite the market and eventually die down? 


First thing first – What stage are PUBG – AIRTEL discussions


“PUBG is in early conversation with Airtel for handing over distribution rights to the telecom giant. This desperation shows that PUBG has been trying hard to get back into the Indian market,” said one of the sources on condition of anonymity to the website Entrackr. Since the time this was reported, speculations are rife that PUBG-AIRTEL marriage can happen soon. We reached out to people involved in the discussions between AIRTEL & PUBG representatives and this is what we were told – 

“Very initial exploratory discussions have taken place and nothing has been firmed up. The big issue for PUBG Corp is how to get the game remove from the BANNED list by government. If that does not get resolved how any local partnership discussion can materialize”, said the source involved in the discussion. 


It’s clear that discussion with AIRTEL or anyone else is not important but what is important is to get the game UNBANNED first in India before the local partnership gets sealed.  


PUBG Ban : What  ministry has to say ? 

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“Their is no discussion with-in the ministry officially to revoke ban on any of the apps listed in the ban list. We will stay away from making any comment on any specific company or app”, said the ministry source.


What is ministry’s current stand on PUBG ? 

Leave aside unbanning the PUBG App, according to the information given, not even any discussion has been initiated in regard to revoking of the ban on any of the Chinese companies as per ministry source on Sep23rd. 


We have further learnt that no representation till date has been made by PUBG Corp or any other related company official to the ministry for unbanning the game in India. Though PUBG Corp from their side had released the statement few days back that, “they will reach out to the government to find a solution” and will request them to operate the game in the country while being fully compliant withIndian laws and regulations.” 


The government’s stand is very clear. At this stage the Indian government is not ready to give any relaxations to any of the banned entity. 


Now with such hard stance by the government, how is it possible that an Indian company of the stature of AIRTEL can finalize any discussion with the entity which Indian government has banned. So any speculation about AIRTEL – PUBG marriage anytime soon should be laid to rest for now. 

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