Avoid Getting Sick With These World- Renowned Tips

Avoid Getting Sick With These World- Renowned Tips


 Avoid Getting Sick With These World- Renowned Tips


They say “Prevention is better than cure” and it’s actually true. It’s better that you save

yourself from getting sick instead of waiting for it to happen and then look for the cure. This

is considered quite a foolish thing around the world because you’re putting your health into

danger *on purpose*.

You know there’s this Corona thing going on. Well, these days, we can see a big change in

many countries in terms of patient recoveries and lower cases being reported. However, in

some countries, it is still on the top! Covid-19 is nothing but a sickness that can be prevented

easily by following some SOPs. But I’m not going to particularly talk about prevention from

Covid-19 but general sickness. How much do you take care of your health? How much do

you actually keep yourself away from uncleanliness? This is everything you’d want to ask

yourself and if the answers are “none of the times”, then I do have bad news for you. The

less you care about these things, the more you get prone to diseases. So for you guys, I’m

going to tell you some daily habits that you should adopt to prevent your health from being

affected. Let’s go!

1. Do Not Meet People Physically Who Show a Symptom

or Two of Sickness

You’re going to meet a friend outside and when you guys are coming towards each

other to meet, you see that guy cough or sneeze or show any such symptom, you

just back off, respectfully. No, you should never show disrespect or rudeness through

this gesture of yours. Always be polite and make sure that you come up with

something that stops you or them from physically meeting you. There are multiple

things that you can do about it. But anyways, it’s not completely possible that you

save yourself from shaking hands with the person who is sick. If you accidentally or

unwillingly come in contact with people showing symptoms, then you should…


2. Sanitize your Hands or Body Afterwards

I’m really glad that Covid-19 taught us a few things that many of us had made a habit

out of them. One of the teachings include washing our hands after every short while

to make sure that we don’t get affected with those deadly or vital viruses. So,

whenever you touch something that is in public use like a grill, gates of stores,

products from a shop, etc. then make sure that you clean your hands with a sanitizer

before moving further. If it’s not your habit, please make it one because this is the

only way you can expect not to catch those viral diseases.

A pro advice from my side would be not to use sanitizers when you can wash your

hands with water and soap. Make sure that the soap you get is from a top-class

brand and you can identify that by looking at the packaging. Pillow packaging boxes

are usually now being used by those renowned brands and they get them from Dawn

Printing in wholesale for their soaps. Sanitizers have a lot of alcohol in them and they

can cause extreme dryness which can lead to other issues.

3. Stop Touching Your Face

Now don’t say “I can’t help it” because there are situations where no excuse works.

It’s simple that if you touch your face, you’re transferring those germs and bacteria

from your hands to your facial skin, mouth, nose, and eyes which is totally

unacceptable. Not only this, but touching your face also promotes acne because of

the dirt and oils in your hands. If you really care about your overall health and prevent

yourself from getting acne as well, then stop touching your face. Keep practicing with

your full willpower because you’ll love the end result.

4. Keep Your Environment Clean

Of course, even a kid knows that uncleanliness promotes sickness. One can get

diseases due to bacteria and viruses that are born in unclean areas. And your home

probably isn’t disinfected right now, or is it? If it’s not, then please go right now and

clean every surface with a surface cleaner, duh. Make sure that you disinfect

everything that is in your home because there may be kids and other members as

well who will touch those things. Save yourself and your fellows from sickness.

5. If You’re Sick, Stay Home

If you’re experiencing those symptoms that you’ve been preventing yourself from,

then the best practice here is to stay at home. Plus, try to avoid direct contact with

other members at your home because you wouldn’t want to share the sickness with

them. And if you’re seeing that your kids are sick, then make sure to get them a sick

leave from the school. Make them stay home so there’s no way they could worsen

their condition or share the germs with their class fellows or teachers. Take good

care of yourself until you’re well again.



You have to prevent yourself from those sickening germs at first. Do everything that can

save you from catching a disease. But even after that, if you get sick, then make sure that

you stay at home and rest while doing abnegation. And if you’re not feeling well and the

condition keeps getting worse, then immediately seek the doctor's attention.

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