8 Natural remedies to ease Nocturnal leg cramps

8 Natural remedies to ease Nocturnal leg cramps

Are you suffering from leg cramps during night time? Yes! You may be rolling your bed due to intense pain as it can even disrupt your sleep cycle. Sometimes you may even scream out due to unbearable pain. Leg cramps are otherwise called as muscle spasms or Charley horses and often occurs in the calf muscles when it involuntarily tightens.

Women, children, and elders develop leg cramps more often. A few self-care measures can ease bad nocturnal leg cramps. Do you want to know what those natural remedies are? Yes! Then never turn back! Here we have compiled a list of natural home remedies that helps you ease leg cramps. Scroll the article and pick a few strategies to relax the muscles.

But, if you have recurrent leg cramps, visiting your healthcare provider is a must. He or she can help you by prescribing medicines to ease the pain. If medicines are prescribed, order them from a reliable online medicine site and get them delivered at your doorstep.

What causes leg cramps?

Here, we have listed a few factors which can invite leg cramps in you:
·         Long hours of sitting in a confined position
·         Long hours of standing on concrete floors
·         Dehydration
·         Tendon disorder
·         Abnormal nerve activities
·         Doing hard exercise during the day
·         Side-effects of certain medications like diuretics
A few medical health issues can also invite unbearable muscular leg pain in you like:
·         Diabetes
·         Thyroid
·         Issues associated with the kidney and the liver
·         Neurological disorders
·         Cardiovascular conditions
·         Pregnancy
·         Calcium deficiency
·         Low magnesium levels in the blood
·         Musculoskeletal problems like high arches or flat feet

What can I do to reduce my pain caused due to leg cramps naturally?

Here are a few effective ways that you canfollow to reduce pain naturally.

    1)  Massaging your leg helps to ease the pain. Sit on the chair and extend the affected leg straight and rub the area with both the hands.
2) Stretching the leg helps to ease the muscle pain. Also, you can prevent the cramps getting frequently by doing stretching exercise before your bedtime. Yes! Stretching is often recommended and doing it frequently helps to ease the pain and it is totally safe to do any time of the day!
3) Place a hot towel or heat pad on the affected area. This helps to relax your muscles easily.Taking a warm shower may also help to ease the issue.
4)  Massaging the affected areas with ice cubes also help to relieve the pain naturally.
5)  Once the pain is reduced, walk around to boost oxygen supply in the affected area.
6) Proper dehydration helps to prevent getting leg cramps. You can also increase your fluid intake by consuming vegetable juice, fruit juice, or smoothies of your choice.
7) Add magnesium-rich foods in your diet if your kidney is in a healthy condition. Add foods such as beans, seeds, and nuts of your choice in your diet. Never take magnesium supplements on your own. Speak to your doctor prior adding it to your daily diet. If your doctor prescribes magnesium supplements, then order them from the discount medicines online india at the comfort of your home.
8) Cramps can cause tenderness so, taking over-the-counter medicines also aid in relieving the pain.

Are there medicines to treat nocturnal leg cramps?

Yes! There are medicines and supplements that may help to overcome your pain. The doctor will thoroughly check for the cause of your leg cramps and based on the symptoms he may prescribe medications or supplements like vitamin B12 or vitamin E to ease your symptoms. Most leg cramps are managed with home remedies as pills may cause serious side-effects.

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