5 Ways To Earn Followers On Instagram

5 Ways To Earn Followers On Instagram

If you want to further develop your e-commerce brand, Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms you should definitely use. Having endless opportunities when it comes to interaction, Instagram offers the platform you need to reach new customers.
The easiest way to gain followers on Instagram is to buy real and active followers from Socialcaptain. You can increase your organic followers at very affordable prices. However, there are follower acquisition strategies that you can apply in addition to buying followers.
In this article we have prepared for Social Captainreaders, we will explain how to develop your brand using Instagram.

Step 1: Preparing Instagram Profile   

Before you start using Instagram, you need to make sure that your profile has an eye-catching look. Thanks to a remarkable view, you ensure that people who visit your profile start following you. Your profile should look organized, tidy and professional. With all this, it should also be interesting and fun. Prepare a short but effective biography, and be sure to include a link to either your Facebook account or website. Of course, do not forget to add a profile photo. Add up to 9-12 photos, videos or boomerang content so that your profile stream doesn't appear blank.

Step 2: Identify Your Audience

Decide who will be the customers ytou will target on Instagram in line with the successful campaigns you have prepared before. If your brand sells pet products, your target audience should be interested in pets.

Step 3: Find Your Audience

Let's say you have set your target audience. So how will you find these people?
Method 1

Find popular hashtags that match your brand's theme and research. Review the content shared with that hashtag and identify people who interact with it. Thus, you will find people who are interested in your theme. You may even find accounts focused on completely similar themes during your research. Be sure to follow these accounts because those who follow those accounts will surely be interested in your account. You can search Google to find popular hashtags. Or you can use free online programs like Iconosquare and Webstagram.

Hashtags are very important for those who want to announce and develop your e-commerce company on Instagram. Hashtags; It helps you identify people who are interested in your brand's theme and helps people who are interested in those topics to discover your brand. Also, thanks to the hashtags, you have the opportunity to determine who your competitors are and to examine the competitive environment.

Method 2

Examine the profiles of people who use hashtags related to the theme of your brand. Identify users who follow these people and take a look at their profiles. Try to interact with these people. Like their content and post comments. Even start following these people. You will notice that some of these people started following you over time.

Method 3

Find the events related to your theme and interact with the people participating in this event by following the hashtag of your brand or the location tag of your company. For example, if your brand's theme is computer games, you can identify activities such as game tournaments and communicate with the participants.

Step 4: Interact with Your Audience

When you identify interesting profiles that are appropriate for your brand, you have to interact with the owners of this profile because you have to get their attention in some way. There are some different ways to do this:

Method 1

Start following these profiles. In this way, you give the profile owner the message that you are interested in the content they share. So this person also discovers you. These people you follow will come to your profile to review who you are. If they like your profile, they will start following you.

Method 2

Like and post comments shared by these profiles. It is a very simple method and every user likes to get likes and comments on their photos. By admiring and commenting, you attract the attention of your target audience and allow them to discover you. Then wait for them to come to your profile and start following you.
Step 5: Tips to Interact with Your Audience

 It's a pretty simple strategy. Search with the hashtag you target and choose the most beautiful photos. Follow the account that posted that photo and like three photos shared by that account.

Many people like the three photos that were last shared, but this is not a healthy method because it can give the impression that it does not show much interest in other photos. So, not the last but also like the photos shared in the past. The best way is to like the photos that have been shared for a few weeks or even months. So you leave the impression that you are really interested in that profile. The account holder will understand that they have been followed, their photos have been thoroughly examined, and their content has been liked.

According to the researches, the rate of being tracked back is 25%. So only 1 of every 4 people you follow will follow you back. If you manage to set the timing of this method correctly, you can significantly increase the traffic to your profile before a new campaign.

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