Best way  to Do SEO for News Websites and featured in Google News in 2020

Best way to Do SEO for News Websites and featured in Google News in 2020

Google's high ranking is a huge victory already. A still greater honor may be given to newspaper articles: Google News. What's so big about it? And that Google News posts are also included in the excerpts, which earn over 500,000,000 views every month.
Even if reading with your finger on a handheld device feels more like reading a book than a newspaper, the mobile news still works quite well. And since Google's first web tracker is almost as persistent as its online counterpart. Do not assume high rankings if the news platform can not have a strong mobile user interface.

 featured in Google News

·      news is the only content that Google News accepts - This is the next step before any other steps in this list is taken. You can start optimizing it for Google News, once you have submitted your site, check your ownership and requested inclusion.

·    The URLs you can read in all the articles included in Google News. You tell users immediately what your content is about.

·        Study the posts regularly to ensure they are good in spelling, punctuation and syntax.

Google News can reveal to us whether a web source focuses on something in California. It won't be that lucky the same item from a British site. By the way, this step is SEO-friendly at the local level.

·     Your article should at least have an image of a hero. Further pictures and videos increase your chances.

·        It should not be surprising that Google News favors content with a high ranking in the first mobile index of Google.

·     In addition to that a factor of ranking, low load time is always a plus. It is also necessary to send articles to Google News. If you load your site quickly with the next point in our list, you will have even greater chances

·        AMP is a project run by Google and therefore it automatically endorses websites that use it. In reality, AMP produces several news articles in Google News.

·        Do like the Romans did while in Rome. Accept the laws of Google and in exchange, you will be valued.

·        Google News prohibits certain content types, such as graphics, hate, illegal and others.

·        The subcategory may be something for which the news item connects, for example,/politics/ or /sports/, or even the old story/ or /post/. In other words, it will include your papers

·     For creating and validating news seating maps, Google has detailed instructions that you are available on their site.

 For every type of content, Schema.org has markup and news is no exception. With snippets of code in any post, with the first paragraph and your hero's picture displayed on the Google results page itself, you will end up at the common zero places above the first organic keyword result and sometimes above Google advertising.

 As soon as you upload it, Google will begin to check your news site for inclusion. Most of the moves in the above list are to increase the usability of your platform. However, this guideline is intended to improve the exposure with Google and the overall content efficiency of your web, which is also beneficial for your rankings, even though you are not admitted.

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