Get educated, but don’t freak yourself out

Knowledge is the key and vital for creating informed decisions during pregnancy and childbirth. But too much info might scare you and upset you.

To make sure you know enough, most experts suggest taking a childbirth class taught by a registered labor nurse or a licensed childbirth mentor. (If you have a pregnant friend, keep talking to them as well) The goal should be to find out the fundamentals of the labor process. You should also know when is it the right time to go to the hospital when you start feeling pain.

If you need more information especially — like pain medicine options or the probabilities of miscarriage or surgery, Don’t just Google everything but talk to professionals or those who have been through the same situation.

Choose your professional care team and birth setting very carefully. DON’T FALL FOR TRAPS.

Birth may be a transformative knowledge, and it is often untidy and stylish and emotional. Ensuring that you’re always surrounded by people who love you deeply and who you trust and are feeling comfortable with, is vital to having the simplest possible outcomes.

In fact, research shows that the environment a lady gives birth in has more impact on her birth outcome than her actual health conditions (such as diabetes, maternal age, or complications during labor).
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Make it a point to exercise or at least move around every day. Moderate daily exercise can assist you to feel your best throughout your pregnancy and labor. You’ll sleep healthy, you’ll not feel anxious, and you’ll gain less weight.
A 30-minute walk a day is very helpful to get your body in shape and releases stress.
That’s not all.
As for dedicated prenatal workout classes? Options like prenatal yoga aren’t a requirement, but a weekly class is often worthwhile if you'll swing it. These classes also can be an excellent thanks to meet other moms-to-be — who can be your 3am partners and become your lifelong partners months from now. Sharing your journey with someone who is also feeling the same is very helpful at such time.

Prep your mind

If there’s ever a time to plan to mental strategies that assist you to feel calm and centered, now is it.
Mindfulness and proper meditation has been very helpful for assist first-time moms especially to manage their fears. It also helps in reducing symptoms of prenatal and postpartum depression. It helps a lot in relaxing your mind and giving it the rest it deserves.

All pregnant women must incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine. Meditating can help cement the habit of worrying and stressing when your baby arrives. Every time your brain needs a break.

But make sure you give yourself a break. Don't spend hours on it.

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Make a basic, flexible birth plan.

Your provider can assist you find out whether other preferences are worth including, so definitely share your plan with them as your maturity nears.
Just prepare yourself in case things change.

Wishing you best of luck in advance for your beautiful and fulfilling journey of parenthood.

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