4 Iconic Islamic Ways to Fight Depression and Dejection

4 Iconic Islamic Ways to Fight Depression and Dejection

I have been raised by my kindest grandmother as I lost my parents in a car accident. My sweetie granny provided me with a splendid upbringing. With lots of grins and contention, she has given me everything that normally a child needs. She hasn’t even turned any stone unturned in my religious education. She taught me the Quran and 5 times Salah. After every year we also head on to perform a family Umrah through umrah packages.
I have a lavish lifestyle indeed. But an inevitable void has always been lurking in my life. This void is the absence of parents and parental love. Many times, I feel so lonely, lacking, and dejected. I am good at studies and still doing better. In addition to this, I am also a practicing Muslim with a strong habit of offering 5 times Salah.
But as I crossed 19, the questions like why I feel so lonely? Why I hesitate in socializing despite having such a supportive family fellow and an exemplary grandparent? These questions occupied my mind so many times.
I was sitting in my psychology class deviated from classwork. I don’t know why I was in the same state of depression. My kindest psychology prof. and a mentor came to me. Is everything okay honey? He asked me worriedly. Don’t worry you can trust me, son! His heart soothing words were no less than a relaxant for me.
Depression- A Natural Psychological Emotion
The witty learned man told me that depression-like happiness is the natural human feeling. It is a common misconception that a devoted religious person never feels sad. It doesn’t mean that a strident divine faith doesn’t let you depressed.
Depression, anxiety, or sadness is a natural human feeling that is also linked with our brain's structures and neurological matters. Regardless of religion, skin color, and backgrounds, everyone in his/her life experiences mental health problems.
Depression needs to be controlled
Depression is a natural feeling that one needs to overcome through different religious and personal means. Being a Muslim, with the utmost faith in Allah doesn’t make sense that you can never get sad or dejected. The historic Islamic literature is loaded with many stories of righteous people including Prophets, who experienced depression. This doesn’t mean that they were not strong in their divine faith.
But these exemplary personalities defeated their depression by standing upright with utmost Imaan (faith) in Allah (SWT)’s plans.
So what you need to do is to learn how to control your depression or sadness? How to maintain your Imaan(faith) in Allah (SWT) in difficult personal times?
4 Islamic ways to overcome your Depression
My piteous psychology teacher told me the 5 life-changing Islamic tips to come victorious after your fight with depression. These are the following
Get to Know How Strong you are
Allah (SWT) has already confirmed in the Holy Quran that he doesn’t burden any soul beyond his capacity. 
This iconic verse is enough to make us realize how strong we are to bear our problems. If Allah (SWT) has given us the test we must realize how strong we are to pass this.
Revolve eyes around ones below you
This is what my kindest mentor told me to do. If I am devoid of one blessing I have been bestowed with a dreamy luxurious life. In the replacement of my deceased parents, I have been blessed by a loving grandparent and a supportive family indeed.
Professor asked me to get to know about the pitiable plight of poor orphans at any nearby orphanage to realize how blessed I am.
Our Holy Prophet (SAW) also said “ whenever you see someone  better than you in wealth, face or figure, you should look at someone who is inferior to you in these respects" (Bukhari, Muslim)
Help out Your Deserving fellows
When you would realize the sufferings of your fellows, you will forget your own worries for sure. When you get a golden chance to serve ailing humanity, you would get to know about the different difficult challenges of life.
When I extended my youthful helping hand in charity works I realized how small are my problems as compared to the extreme difficulties of my fellows.
Recite Surah Duha
As per history, when the Prophet (SAW) stopped receiving Allah (SWT)’s revelation for a longer period, he became extremely dejected and fearful. This was the time when Allah (SWT) sent consolation and his endless support in the exemplary words of Surah Duha.
So my favorite guide asked me to make Surah Duha recitation an everyday part of my life. I did the same, so I never needed any sort of mental treatment. It is just beyond a soul-soothing antidote.

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