Importance Of Mobile-Friendly Optimization In 2020

Importance Of Mobile-Friendly Optimization In 2020

Is your website optimized for mobile devices? The world has rapidly shifted from using the websites on the desktop to preferring mobile captivity. Agree or not, the internet is liable for how the business grows. According to the Consumer Technology Association, 63% of site traffic in the year 2018 was generated from the mobile devices that clearly says your business requires mobile optimization.  

Earlier, Google optimized both the mobile and desktop versions but after the number of mobile users started increasing, Google rolled out mobile-first indexing in the year 2018 which means for ranking they started crawling the websites for mobile versions and not the desktop ones. There are many benefits that make the mobile optimization process liable for customer engagements and business exposures.

1. Improves User Experience

Page loading speed is not only responsible for great user experience but also improves the website rankings and if we talk about mobile devices, then speed is more crucial. If the user is facing difficulty while browsing the website or the content is not loading properly, then you need to optimize the website as it can force the users to leave the website. Basically, the amount of content, images, audio, and video files affect the loading time. So shrinking the images, placing the right quantity of content can make the website load faster and efficiently.

2. Faster Website Ranking

With the evolution of mobile-first indexing, now the speed has a direct impact on your website ranking. As if the speed of site loading will be slow then the bounce rate of the website will get high, customer engagement will decrease, and finally, your business will be left behind. 

If your business falls in a highly competitive industry and you are gaining great exposure without mobile optimization then also it is as important to have the fast load times and mobile-friendly design of the website like building online marketing strategies. 

3. Increase Conversion Rates

Clickability and interactivity of the website are important factors to consider as according to Google, in the year 2017, 46% of the users said that they won’t be purchasing from the brands if they find the websites interruptive. It is important for the website that readers stay for a longer time and get converted into customers. Mobile optimization helps to understand where the user experience is lacking and allows you to create a well-balanced site that equally loads faster and is user-friendly too. Further, this leads to great business exposure and a positive mobile application experience. 

4. Brand Recommendations and Fidelity

Investing in responsive, customer engagement, and quality content website design leads to a successful business. Every business has a limited budget, especially the small ones. For this, PPC is an effective marketing strategy but what works most to compete with your rivals or competitors is to get the brand engagement through social shares, referrals, customer reviews, and more. These are only possible to attain if the mobile is optimized efficiently. According to Google, 89% of the users refer to a brand if the mobile version of the website had a positive impact on them.

5. Competitive Advantage

It is clear that building the online presence of businesses to engage customers is the only way to get the possible outcomes. There are numerous businesses that have not designed websites. Furthermore, from 1 of 3 mobile-optimized websites, it is very easy to stand out in the competition if your website is responsive and speed is accurate. 


These are some of the qualitative benefits offered by Mobile optimization. However, mobile usage is increasing like the user's expectations are and this has made mobile optimization a necessity. Are you also the one who thinks that your website is mobile-ready? You can visit the Google Page speed to know how your website is performing and do you need to carry out mobile optimization? However, if it is still difficult for you to optimize your website for mobile versions then you need to look out for local SEO services to make your website stand out in the competition and score high in Google rankings. 

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