The rise of smartphone technology has led us to things beyond our imagination. The modern era has given birth to diverse technology and all of us have become obsessed with the newly developed world.

Mobile phone users are craving and searching for additional functionalities in the mobile app developed. It increases the responsibility of the businesses and android app development companies to fulfill the growing expectations of the users.

The mobile app revenue will reach $581.9 billion by 2020. Henceforth, mobile app development trends started materializing. No matter which business domain you work in, it is imperative to use the latest mobile app technology to present yourself to the world. By knowing the latest android app development trends will give you an idea of where this technology is heading. You need to incorporate the latest trends if you need to stay at the top of the game to achieve success.

Mobile has the power to boost the visibility of the brand. Android app development company is looking forward to delivering user-oriented apps.

As the competition is too high, it is necessary to be on the right side of the development process. In this post, we will enlighten you about the latest android app development trends for 2020 and beyond.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1)    The era of AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning go hand in hand but are two different concepts. Core machine learning is one of the latest trends that has gained boundless popularity recently. Businesses have shown effective results for promoting efficiency through artificial intelligence. AI delivers high-precision and capacity for capturing real-time events. AI helps to learn the procedure of app building from earlier existing data, identify issues, and troubleshoot the bugs in real-time.

2)  Blockchain technology

A decentralized database that consists of a chain of blocks of data on more than one system at the same time. This technology has made its way up to the mobile app development segment. The tech prevents data breaching or creating fake documents. The future trends of blockchain technology are Blockchain as a Service(BaaS), trading on a cryptocurrency exchange, asset tokenization, anti-piracy usage. Several online wallets and secured smart ledgers depend on blockchain technology.

3)  Beacon Technology

Small wireless transmitters that use the BT technology to send signals to smartphones that are nearby. Suppose, you cross a beacon technology-enabled store, then the mobile device display details about the store, its offers, and services. The tech is surprisingly making a dent in the proximity marketing. It helps store owners to monetize footfalls near the shop, gather more data, and optimize the customer journey. The best about this tech is its cost-effective nature.

4)  Combining AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality had been in the market for years and still hits the list. It is because of the great functionalities and usages it delivers in the industry. AR applications are using in healthcare, lifestyle, marketing, and more industries are incorporating the tech to gain traction. Virtual reality gives a limited virtual environment but with a whole lot of graphics and real experiences while the AR delivers a virtual environment in the real world.

5)   Internet of things

Imagine controlling your world with a tap on your smartphone- That’s IoT. It gives you the power to control your devices remotely. Suppose, you forgot to lock your home, with the presence of IoT, all you need is an IoT powered lock, an active internet connection, and your smartphone. It is one of the significant development trends as it brings a lot of changes to the existing routine tasks and patterns.

6)  5G technologies

5G wireless service is the top mobile app future trends to consider in 2020. The speed of the 5G network will be 100 times faster than the 4G network. It is likely to outcast the 4G entirely as apart from high speed, the 5G wireless services serve functionalities like 3D gaming, data security, and more. As the 5G services offer an extensive range of benefits, you should hire an android app development firm that designs the apps that could be enjoyed by general people.


Enterprise mobile management and application performance management are the two mobile app trends 2020 that are widely blooming. APM is majorly used to reduce the slowness of the mobile application by removing the snag in it. The EMM builds a more safe and secure mobile app that also allows the exchange of data over the smart devices.

8) Android Instant apps

Apps that users can access without downloading. They are smaller in size that delivers fundamental functionalities and considered as demo apps. Instant apps provide the whole look and feel of the complete version making it easy to decide whether to download or not.

9)  App chatbots

It is one of the latest android application trends in the app development industries that delivers a real-time interaction between customers and service providers. Chatbots have taken over the different communication aspects. A chatbot app can keep your user busy while keeping his preferences in mind and answering the questions relevantly. The chatbots can work seamlessly 24*7 and customers do not have to wait for a longer period for answers.

10) Cloud-integrated mobile apps

The last among the list of mobile app trends 2020 is cloud technology. It has a lot of possibilities and perks as it can directly run on the cloud. With the integration of the cloud, you don’t have to ever worry about the device crashing. Future technology applications include hybrid cloud solutions, multi-cloud platforms, cloud quantum computing.


The aforementioned mobile app future trends will revolutionize the android app development industry. There is a lot of riding in the industry and customers, their preferences, and all the technology will revolve around them. There are a lot of trends that might be missing from the list but not all add value to the business. Stay updated and upgraded with these latest android app development trends.

Author Bio:

Anshul Sharma- CEO of Fluper, an android app development company is taking its company forth by his hard work. His vision towards the future is to deliver services that suit the needs of the users. He is always ready to learn about new changes in the game development industry and wants to make people aware of them.

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