Reasons why you should not rely on baby walker

Reasons why you should not rely on baby walker

It is the dream of every parent to see their baby walking, dancing, and moving. It is really a joyful moment for each and every parent. After a year most of the parents intend to buy baby walkers for their babies. It seems natural but when it comes to stats we could find a horrifying truth behind using baby walkers. Let's dive into it, According to research on journal pediatrics, more than 230,000 within the age of only 15 months (avg.) were treated as US emergency departments for injuries that are related to walkers. The time phase was from 1990 to 2014. Most of the injuries happen when children fall from walkers and get an injury on their head or neck. It's very sad that many times these injuries are very serious. Well, children not only injured themselves from falling from walkers but also they could get injured by the attached toy in the walker. They could even get drowned in pools because of the ignorance of parents and this kind of case is happening regularly.

Why do parents buy baby walkers?

Parents buy baby walkers because they think their baby could learn to walk faster. Oppositely, this could hamper their learning of walking independently. Learning to walk doesn’t mean that they are going to learn how to use their legs. It means they should stand up and balance and then be able to move without support. When babies are put into walkers they don’t learn any of that which basically means walker doesn’t help your baby to learn walking. Yes, I agree that they could walk, but keep it in your mind that they are walking with support which is not your ultimate goal.

Here are some points to be noted before buying baby walker:

1.    Baby walkers will take away their floor time which means your baby are not getting time to strengthen their muscles.
2.    Baby walkers usually don’t allow the baby to get ready before walking. Because they move before the body of the baby is ready. This could hamper her balancing nature.
3.    When in walker, babies intend to move with their toes which ultimately hampers the natural walking development process.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) declares that baby walkers should be banned from the U.S

Option for your little ones:

In my opinion, you should avoid buying baby walkers because it could not let your baby learn the process of walking. The process of walking is very natural. It came to human civilization naturally and you should follow it. Besides, I have some point to judge for you:
1.    You can try stationary objects which don't have any wheels. Your baby can pull and stand up by herself. It will help her to understand the balancing of the body on the feet.
2.    You can also try a push car/objective (make sure it is weighted and she can’t move it) to help her in learning the process of walking. This will help her muscles to become stronger.
3.    You can use your yard to help your baby for practicing crawling, sitting and pulling themselves up. It will develop the natural process of walking.

Alternative of walker

People always search for alternatives when the basic thing is not up to the mark. In this case there is also a point of making things easy. The best alternative to baby walker which are safe to use at home are listed below:

1.Stationary Activity Centre: Stationary activity centers are most likely baby walkers except it can’t move which means stationary.  It can help the baby to stand up and balance on the feet which also helps the baby to strengthen the muscle of the foot.
2.Baby Jumpers: Baby Jumpers also can be a good fit instead of walkers. Baby jumpers or eventually bouncers help babies to develop the learning process of walking. They do not have any wheels which mean there is less possibility of injury.
3.Push Toys: These toys don't have any seating space for your baby. A baby can stand up and push the toy. However, you can only give these types of toys to your baby only if she can stand up and balance on her feet. 


Having a baby is always joyful for parents. Careless, love and affection every single thing is needed to grow up a baby. Your simple mistake can lead to a miserable situation which you can’t even imagine. It’s better for everyone to make the right decision upon discussing whether your baby needs a walker or not.

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