How Online Education is Leading Students to Cheat

How Online Education is Leading Students to Cheat

We know that online education is becoming more prevalent and almost all the students want to become online students. No doubt, due to lots of advancements in the field of technology, online education is the best option for us. Its reason is that online education doesn’t require physical places in the form of schools, colleges and universities. Moreover, it is also the best way to get degrees from distant universities by leaving at home. Cheating has become the main problem in online education. According to the results of a survey, more than 73% of students have admitted that it is easier to cheat in online exams than in the traditional exams. Here, we will discuss how online education is leading students to cheat.


In online education, most of the students have to give exams from remote locations. While giving exams at the remote locations, cheaters get the freedom to make use of multiple monitors. They give access to the exam papers to their friends. Their friends solve the questions of the exam papers by seeing the answers from the book. After solving these questions, they share the answers to these questions via screen sharing or mirroring. To cheat in the exams by following this technique, they have to learn screen sharing or mirroring.

Students Use Cheating Devices:

The companies that are conducting competitive exams like CAT are admitting that students are cheating in the online exams by using hi-tech devices. Some students use Bluetooth devices for cheating in exams. These Bluetooth devices are smaller in size and these Bluetooth devices are also undetectable. In these exams, students are allowed to use calculators. The students are using such calculators which can store formulas and other information. Most of the students have admitted that to cheat in the online exams by using these hi-tech devices is easier than the traditional methods of cheating. That’s why the market of the undetectable cheating devices is also increasing. The eCommerce giants like Amazon are selling these kinds of gadgets.

Use Of Mobile Phones For Cheating:

The trend of using smartphones for cheating in online exams is rising. The cheaters are using smartphones in various to cheat in the online exams. They use these smartphones to store the answers to the specific questions. They use it as a web search to find out the answers to the questions. They are also using it as an aid for the other fellows to give the answers to the questions. McAfee is one of the best software development company in the USA. This company has conducted research. According to the results of this research, almost 33% of students in online exams use smartphones and other smart devices for cheating. Nowadays, smartwatches are also available. If students can’t carry smartphones in the exams, they use smartwatches to cheat in the online exams.

Auto-Coding Software:

The students who want to get online programming degrees or programming diplomas have to take programming exams. Most of the people think that they can’t cheat in the programming exams. Now, most of the students are also cheating in the programming exams. For this reason, they are making use of the auto-coding software. The auto-coding software creates programs for the students without typing a single line. They just need to provide some commands to the auto-coding software and it will create the program for them. Some candidates also use the auto-coding software to create programs while recruiting for the jobs. As a result, they get jobs without having programming skills.


As told by an expert on a dissertation writing service, some students cheat in online exams without using any device. For this reason, they try to make use of the impersonation technique. For this reason, they hire a person who has an impressive academic career and they ask him to take an exam on behalf of him. As we have discussed earlier that most of the online exams are taken remotely. Therefore, the examiners can’t even get an idea about this kind of cheating technique. According to the US Department of Education, the fake identity test takers earn almost $187 million annually.

Students Utilize Their IT Experiences For Cheating:

Some students try to utilize their IT experiences for cheating in the online exams. For this reason, they try to hack the online assessment system. After hacking the online assessment system, they can easily get access to a web browser. By typing the questions on the web browsers, they can find out the answers to their questions. Most of the students get 100% marks by cheating in the online exams. Most of the online institutions use the feature of secured web browsing to take the exams. These students can also cheat in these kinds of exams by using their IT experience.

Use of Google Docs:

Google Docs is an essential product of Google. With the help of Google Docs, students can share documents. Moreover, they can also use Google Docs for the group discussion. Nowadays, some students are also using Google Docs for cheating. While taking the online exams, they open Google Docs in new windows. After opening the Google Docs in new windows, they can easily get access to their friends. As a result, they share the exam questions. After sharing the exam questions, they also try to solve the exam questions by collaborating.

Connect With Specialists:

In online education, students have to submit assignments. Based on these assignments, online instructors try to get an idea about the skills and capabilities of the students. Instead of writing these writing assignments by themselves, online students try to get help from the specialists. After writing these assignments from the specialists, they can easily impress their online instructors and they get the best grades. Similarly, they can also get the help of specialists while taking online exams. For this reason, they connect with specialists via online chatting. When they share the questions with them, these specialists provide the best possible answers to these questions. To improve online education, we should try to introduce cheating free exam systems.

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