12 Questions to Ask Web Designers Before Hiring Them

12 Questions to Ask Web Designers Before Hiring Them


12 Questions to Ask Web Designers Before Hiring Them


Websites are the starting point of digital content and branding. We are sure that you, while browsing the internet, judge websites as good or bad. As a user, everyone has this clarity. Yet, while getting their own websites designed, most people falter and make certain basic mistakes. Most of the websites are designed by professional web designers working on the instructions of clients who are not professional designers. Miscommunication between designers and clients often leads to bad websites. Hence, it is important for you, the client, to ask certain questions to your creative team.

These questions ensure that all teams are on the same page with regards to the designing project. You can easily avoid mistakes that you yourself have observed on badly designed websites by referring to these questions as a checklist for your project. You can keep these questions in mind when you hire a web designer. These questions are even more important when you outsource webdesigning services from India or any other location. Let us now dive into these questions and look at their importance individually. 

  1. How experienced are my web designers?
    This discussion is of utmost importance if you’re going to outsource a web designer. An experienced web designer inspires trust. The designs made by an experienced designer take into account future changes that will surely be required. Websites are dynamic properties and any designer you hire should be able to make necessary changes required on your website. This is not a one-time service but a long-term relationship. 
  2. What have I learnt about my designer looking at the portfolio?
    The work done by your designers is the best measure of their abilities. Try and understand their design strengths and use those for your work. You should also be able to gauge from the portfolio if the designer can take your project to completion. These checks are vital because you’re going to enter a long-term relationship with your designers and you need to know their abilities in detail.
  3. Is my website design based on a template or are the designers making it from scratch?
    The source of your website design is very important. Online templates have certain limitations and design constraints. These limitations will give you a proper framework for your design. Creating designs from scratch comes with its own challenges although, it will give you more wriggle-room to guide your designers.
  4. What is your designer’s method of working?
    Every web designer for hire in the market has a set process for design work. Understand this unique individual process and adhere to it. Your designers will appreciate the effort you’re making and it will strengthen the relationship. You will also have a realistic understanding of deadlines and what to expect at every milestone of the project.
  5. Which CMS will be used by your web designers?
    Every designer uses a Content Management System to design websites. It is important that you research this system yourself and understand its intricacies. This will help you manage your website better once the designers give you the handover. Even if you’re not going to manage the content yourself, knowledge of CMS will definitely help you guide your teams better.


  1. How interactive are the designs going to be?
    It is important that you work with your designers to create an interactive design. The biggest challenge for web designers is that clients treat web design as an extension of their printed marketing material. You can do a lot more with your websites because digital technology is fundamentally interactive. You need to work closely with your designers to create designs that interact with your customers.
  2.  What do you need to provide from your end? Photos, write-ups…
    You need to define the content needs of your web designing project at the very beginning. Every designer needs support from their client with content. This may or may not include text that is to be written on the website but product photos, testimonials and a basic write-up that gives direction to the written content are essential inputs that have to come from the client. This should also include your overall branding strategy so that the design elements align with your marketing communication. 
  3. Are the deadlines you set realistic?
    This process is very important, especially when you hire a virtual web designer. More and more businesses are choosing to outsource their responsive web design services. In order to ensure clarity is such long-distance relationships, it is important to discuss and set the milestones for your project. These milestones should be set in agreement with your web designers. This way, you know that the deadlines are realistic and achievable. This is the most essential step before you hire a web designer. These deadlines are important for you to monitor the progress of your work.
  4. Discuss the list of SEO targeting measures 
    The first tactical objective for your overall digital marketing strategy needs to be ranking your website. This can be achieved by a thorough SEO analysis of your website. Ensure all the elements that you need to optimize your website for search queries are discussed before the project begins. Also, make sure that the right key words are being used and the SEO analysis is incorporated in every aspect of design from the very onset.
  5. Who is the point of contact for your project?
    You, like most businesses, will outsource your web designing work. Since the project requires regular communication, it is important to designate a point of contact for the web design team. This point of contact will ensure that there is regular communication between the two teams. The POC will also ensure that the creative designers working on the project are not disturbed while also being kept in the loop about the latest developments or changing requirements. A point of contact is very important when you outsource web designers from India or anywhere else because the designers you hire might not be fluent in the language you speak. So the point of contact acts as a translator between the teams.
  6. Ask the designer  to train your in-house team to maintain the website
    The contract you draw when you hire a web designer might not include maintenance of the website. In such a scenario, you must ensure that your web designers train your in-house team to take care of the website on a daily basis. Make sure that all controls are given to you and your in-house team during the handover process.


  1. Ask your designers about their social media services
    Most web designers now provide added services like maintaining social media channels for you. Ask your web designer if they provide such services. Brands that are still building their presence need support for their digital branding. Social media services are essential for your brand to build a presence on the internet. You could even consider a combined package if your designer offers you one.

These 12 questions should give you some direction when you are hiring a web designer. You can outsource web designers from anywhere in world if you have this clarity. The development and design of your website should proceed smoothly. These questions will help you select the right candidates from among many web designers for hire. Prepare yourself thoroughly for this process and build a strong and lasting relationship with your web design team.

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