“No matter how much falls honors, we keep flowing ahead that the only way keep the roads clear”.

In the face of adversity, the covid 19 pandemic has posed a very serious threat and challenge for the human kind across the globe in a very unprecedented manner the present generation has ever imagined before. As a world of now has become a global village, the movement of goods, services and ideas have no border so as the covid. In the light of covid, India as a country embarked upon a new journey to cope with the menace of covid with minimum loss of jobs or lives that is the minimum loss of asset. The country went into the 68 days of nationwide lockdown to curb the fangs of deadly coronavirus. At first glance, the outcome were encouraging as the number of deaths or cases of infection were very low and the mortality rate was very low due to the stringent loss made to curb the contagious disease but the economic outcomes were very discouraging. Millions of people lost their livelihood, jobs and millions of people were forced to migrate from cities to country side. The plight of people was clearly visible as reported by various National and International media outlets. As per the reports, the growth rate of India turn out to be negative. The repercussions of nationwide lockdown can be felt as the number of working blue collar population fell down and the country entered into the realm of stagnant economic growth.


“Vaccines are not only emergent need but also a fervent hope”.

Given the contagiousness of this disease it is very important to trace and track the possible carriers of the disease, to prevent rapid spread of this infection. Various testing kit procedures are in vogue like RTPCR test, Antigen rapid test and CT chest. Accurate diagnosis will significantly improve the quality of care and ensure that antiviral medicines should be used rationally and correctly. Some of the steps are taken by the government to break the chain of infection is home isolation of confirmed cases, institutional isolation of confirmed cases and contact tracing of the confirmed cases. Some of the other extra medical policies adopted by the government is by taking help of information technology or internet or apps by Aarogya setu etc. which can easily find out the number of confirmed cases in the local area, so as the area which has high density of cases required more mobilization of resources. Every suspected covid cases should be tested, every confirmed cases should be treated with a quality assured antiviral medicine and the disease should be tracked through a timely and accurate surveillance system.


“Safe and effective vaccines are game changing tool”.

India has done tremendous job to vaccinate the global community through the initiative vaccine maitri. Vaccine maitri is a humanitarian and commercial initiative undertaken by government of India to provide vaccines for covid 19 to countries. The government started providing vaccines from 20 Jan 2021. As of 9 April 2021, India had delivered around 64.5 million doses of vaccine to 85 countries. Out of these 10.5 million doses were gifted to 45 countries by Indian government. India has two approved covid 19 vaccines: covishield and covaxin. The second wave has hit our country very hard and there is massive surge in number of corona virus cases across the country leading to lockdown and restrictions in movements in various states. In addition, the country not only developed its indigenous corona virus vaccine but also started supplying it to several nations. In order to prevent the effect of 3rd wave of covid 19, we must continue wearing masks, cleaning our hands, ensuring good ventilation indoors, physically distancing, avoiding crowds and getting vaccinated. Being vaccinated doesn’t mean that we can throw caution to the air and put ourselves and others at risk. We must ensure fair and equitable distribution of vaccines and ensure every country receives them and can roll them, starting with vulnerable groups.


“It is not vaccines that will stop the pandemic, its vaccination”.

The emergence of covid 19 at the end of 2020 put significant pressure on pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies are working globally to combat covid 19. India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally and started transporting vaccines to several countries. Indian pharmaceutical sector supplies over 50% of global demand for various vaccines. India plays an important position in global pharmaceutical sector. The corona virus pandemic and its resultant lockdown badly affected all major sectors of economy, but it has come as a boon in disguise to the Indian pharmaceutical sector.


The covid 19 pandemic has rapidly moved the work of technology transfer. Technology transfer accelerates innovations that impact society. India receives 3 million doses of sputnik V vaccine from Russia. 236 million doses of the covid vaccine have been given in India. The rich and privileged countries which are capable in producing vaccines or making vaccines should come together to help those countries which are less privileged. The global community should strive for to take waiver on intellectual property rights in contact of vaccines. The technology transfer will indeed a most powerful step which has capability to eradicate coronavirus completely.


At present, India spend 1% of the GDP in medical infrastructure. Now, it is visible that the health care infrastructure of the country has been totally collapsed and the limited facilities are being over exploited at dangerous level. The second wave of coronavirus underlined the importance of increase the capacity of medical health care system in India. India has lost around 1500 Doctors, paramedical staff during both the waves of coronavirus. The government should ponder to increase the number of medical staff which will definitely a major defense against the third wave.


In India, the rural areas are more prone to coronavirus infection due to the cohesiveness of the community. At the same time, they are more susceptible about the vaccine and thus resorting to locally made herbal medicines by quacks and evil spill. Thus, it is a prime importance to campaign in the favor of vaccines especially in rural areas. The people should be encouraged to take vaccine jab by providing them with additional benefits.


In India, the roll out made with stumble rock going to the excessive demand and low production. In India, states were been forced to purchase vaccine directly from the vaccine companies and it has been observed that the prices were different for different states. The private sector hospitals were charging exorbitant prices from patients. Thus, atmosphere of chaos and confusion has been arisen. The central government should frame policies to roll out vaccines across India with uniformity as western countries are doing. The state government should be interested with the roll out vaccines as according to the local situation thus, the procurement of vaccines should be done centrally.


The role of private sector is decisive a major breakthrough to win the battle against coronavirus. The pharms companies like Pfizer, moderna, serum institute of India, Bharat Biotech are the touch bearers in fight against covid 19. It is well accepted that private sector breeds innovation so it must be taken into consideration that the role of private sector is of top notch priorities.


The two wave of covid 19 has proved that how tiny human beings are in front of nature. In all that species, human beings appeared to be more vulnerable so a proper study mechanism should be made to cope up with the covid 19. The lessons we learnt from both the waves should be taken as experiences. The pandemic is a long way from being over. Science has made and it will continue to make major contributions to the battle. A global cooperation is a need of hour.


No amount of words and actions will ever be suffice to indemnify the loss which the covid 19 pandemic has caused to us. But the zeal to overcome the pandemic is what we should have.

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