How to Get More Supporters on Instagram

How to Get More Supporters on Instagram


How to Get More Supporters on Instagram

Unquestionably, Instagram is one of the most significant platforms on the internet. We believe that any marketer who isn't using it is missing out on a huge opportunity.


However, people are running out their ideas to gain more free Instagram followers or likes on this platform. That’s why we bring you the below methods for you to effectively acquire supporters. Let’s go through them one by one.

Use an Attention-grabbing Profile Picture

Make sure your profile image is clear and attention-grabbing. It sounds simple, but we'll mention it nonetheless. Your profile image should be consistent with your brand and easily identifiable. Try to stay away from utilizing small font sizes or images. This is the most apparent, but you may also use anything different, such as a picture of your flagship product.


We recommend a clean, basic image with a lot of negative space to optimize your profile's ability to stand out from other profiles. Adding a simple, brightly colored photograph to your profile will make it stand out even more on the screen. As a result, viewers are more likely to click on the profile because of the profile picture's ability to stimulate attention and ignite curiosity.

Test and Experiment

Organize a regular schedule of postings that have similar material and stick to it. Using Instagram Insights to receive the results - likes, comments, shares, and more - is the best way to ensure your findings are as accurate as possible. When you're done tracking everything on a spreadsheet, do an analysis to determine what hours result in the greatest interaction.


Using multiple forms of material, you may repeat this procedure to see which ones evoke the most reactions. Just as before, just test one variable at a time, therefore keep your post timings the same.

Work With Instagram Micro-influencers

The simple answer for how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes may be collaborating with influencers. Your audience may also be found via the use of social media influencers and learning from their material. But much as with hashtags, it's best to stay away from famous names. Because of their high cost and vast audiences, it's tough to get the type of followers you desire. Rather, you should seek micro-influencers who are relevant to your industry, area, or consumer group.


Would it be better for a small firm to have an account with 2 million followers or an account with just 100 followers but a strong local identity?


Giving items as gifts or using discount codes isn't necessary. Make friends with influential accounts by following, like, and responding to their posts and stories. Influencers and their followers—in other words, your target audience—will be more aware of you as a result.


Simple, yet effective. Anyone who uses social media wants to be heard. You'll stand out from the crowd if you're receptive.

Follow Relevant Accounts

The Instagram algorithm will be more likely to promote your account if you follow comparable accounts. Following important influencers or accounts that fit with your target demographic is another option. When people see your profile, they'll determine whether or not they want to follow you.


All of the previous advice will have paid off - we guarantee it! You shouldn't be following too many accounts at the same time, either. Your brand's credibility is enhanced by a high follower ratio.

Advertise on Instagram to Reach New People

Some people are using Instagram followers apps to get more followers, and some are using Instagram auto liker without login tools to gain more likes. Instagram advertisements have a 2.8x higher brand recall than other types of internet advertising, according to a study. Images, videos, and carousel advertisements are all options for Instagram advertising that are connected with Facebook ads and may be accessed by your audience with a swipe. Simply promoting your articles can help them go a little further, which will have a major impact on your following.

Use Instagram Location Tags

Your post may be geotagged to a specific place by using geotags. You have the same opportunity as with hashtags: your post may appear in a highlight reel for the place you've chosen. If your post has a location tag, it may be found there as well.


If you don't know where a photo was taken, you don't have to tag it. As a business having a physical location, or as an organization trying to get greater exposure in one particular area, geotags can be used strategically.



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