What is an online Invitation Maker and its need?

What is an online Invitation Maker and its need?

What is an online Invitation Maker and its need? - DIY Greeting Card - Android App Review

If you are here today looking for the best card maker app, then you have surely landed in the right place and at the right time.

In this three-minute post, we will tell you all about digital invitation card makers and their needs. Plus, you will also find the details of the best invitation maker app that you can get for your android phone.

What is an online invitation maker?

An online invitation maker is a software program that can help you automatically create an invitation card. You would get tons of invitation card templates and design elements to make a card all by you. In the past, designing and creating cards on your own was considered to be impossible and unprofessional, but time has changed now, and you can easily create cards by yourself without any experience and skills with the online card maker apps.

You can find hundreds of invitation card maker tools and applications on the internet these days, and later in this post, we are going to tell you about the best invitation maker free app but before that, let us go through some of the reasons as to why you need an online greeting card maker!

Need for online greeting card maker apps!

You need the modern greeting card cum invitation card maker free apps because of the multiple benefits they offer. In this section, we will list out some of the common benefits of using the online invitation card maker apps, which would also help you understand their needs!


If you compare DIY invite cards with traditional hard paper invitations, then you would see that digital invites are friendlier for the environment. Traditional designing and sending of invitation and greeting cards involve a lot of paper wastage. Going paperless should be your priority if you want to serve the community. The best way to save paper is by using digital DIY techniques to design and share an invite with your guests. You must know that invitation cards are undoubtedly important, but no one likes to save these cards/docs once the event is over. So instead of wasting paper and increasing deforestation, you should go digital.


Online invitation card making is 100 times easier than professional designers for making the best cards. If you use the DIY techniques and tools for creating your card, you can get the best results. This is because you are the only person that knows the nature of the event and the theme on which it is based. Also, know that you would not only get an advantage in designing the card, but it is also convenient to share and send digital invites. You can send thousands of invitations via mail or other communication apps in less than minutes. So going digital is more convenient.

      Pocket Friendly

Making digital invitation cards yourself is cheaper and can also be free if you hook up with the right invitation maker free app. If you are hiring a professional designer to create greetings or invitation cards for you, then they are going to charge you more than a thousand dollars for a single design. The cost of designing is too much, and not all of us can afford it. Using the best digital invitation card maker app, you can easily create and send attractive cards for free!

Now that you know the common benefits of using the best invitation card maker, we would like you to read about the best application in this league!

Invitation Maker Free - Birthday & Wedding Card

This invitation maker app is considered to be the most popular choice for android users. This invite card maker application belongs to the famous CA Apps and is simply free and easy to install and use. If you are new to DIY invitation designing, then we would suggest you use this friendly party invitation card maker application. This invite card maker is very straightforward in its work, and even a new user can learn how to use it.

  1. Download this invitation card maker app from Google Play Store.
  2. Register your account with it.
  3. Select the event/party category for which you want to make cards.
  4. Go through the unique template designs offered by the app.
  5. Select the most suitable template.
  6. Modify it with customized text and visual content according to your event.
  7. Download the final design.
  8. Share it with your friends and family.

This invitation maker app can create greeting cards and invitations for birthdays, anniversaries, farewells, pool parties, save the date cards, engagements, baby shower, bridal shower, new year, Halloween, Christmas, Easter. House warming and other formal or informal events!

Features that make this invitation maker best for android users!

Here are some of the prominent features of this invitation maker free app, which makes it one of the tops reviewed:

  1. You can choose your favourite template from a thousand plus options.
  2. You can edit and add text, images, and other elements to the design.
  3. You can add HD content to the card. This increases the beauty of the invite.
  4. You can edit and change the size and ratio of the invitation card.
  5. You can add extra effects and filters to the card.
  6. There are hundreds of sticker designs that you can add to the message!

For more details about this invitation maker free app, we suggest you download and start using it!


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