Ways to Create Highly Trendy Videos

Ways to Create Highly Trendy Videos


Ways to Create Highly Trendy Videos

Videos are trending as it provides visual and sensory stimulation by successfully attracting potential customers or viewers. Integration and sharing of a video on the website for a service or product promotion help in increasing the conversion rate by nearly 80%. Video marketing is one of the best tools for branding, promotion, and reaching the maximum audience in the least possible time.

Brands use videos as a creative outlet to promote their products either through a story, infographics, or creating product information or tutorials. Several brands use online video editor to create various types of videos without any technical expertise. Incorporation of videos is indeed an outstanding marketing strategy that increases conversion rate, brings organic traffic, and has the potential to grow the revenue stream. Here are a few tips to create trendy content in 2021.

Plan the Content of the Video Well

Content and not the quality is the most crucial aspect of creating videos. Before starting the video creation process, identify the target audience and what they want to see; ensure to determine the end goals or what you want to achieve from the videos. Brainstorm on questions like

      What are you trying to achieve from the video?

      Are you trying to get organic views, inspire people, or sell a product or service?

      How does the video add value to the target audience?

      Is it creating awareness or teaching something new?

Once you have determined the answers to these questions, plan the video content around these questions to get achievable results. Create videos that stir up the emotions in the audience and motivate them to either share the video or become a customer.

Use Professional Online Video Creator and Editor

Gone are the days when creating a video was a difficult job and took time, effort, and money. With numerous online video editors, it is now easy to edit the videos in minutes without any technical expertise. These creators have tons of templates for creating a video in minutes. The library of stock images and videos makes it easier to use stock content for videos. Get the videos, no matter what the content is, ready in minutes and upload with just one click.

Create Videos that Stir Emotions and Provide Information

It is crucial to create meaningful videos either through a powerful story or provide information that the audience can connect to. A fancy video is attractive to the eyes but if the viewer is not clear behind the motive or what exactly are you trying to tell, it becomes confusing. This might give viewership but does not create organic traffic or conversion from the video. Here are some examples of videos that can trend.

      Meaningful Story—Be it a product or service, selling it through a captivating story helps in increasing organic viewers and customers. When a video tells a story, it has the potential to go viral with reshares and likes.

      Tutorials—These videos are trending everywhere as it helps people learn through step-by-step instructions. For example, tutorial videos for using the software are tailored in a manner that helps the viewer to use the software easily. This in turn acts as a marketing tool as it helps in increasing the purchase of the software.

      Inspirational videos—Another way to share a video story is to tell your story and how the brand or service has positively impacted the lives of people; include real-life stories from people in the video to show how it made a difference.

      Demo and Explainer videos—Such videos demonstrate how a product or service is used by someone in real life. Create explainer videos to instruct and convince customers to purchase the same without making it extremely sales-oriented.

Focus on the Technical Aspects of the Video

A common misconception regarding creating outstanding videos is the use of expensive gears and cameras. If budget is a constraint, start making videos right from your smartphone with the gears you have. Focus on the content rather than quality to attract more viewers. However, a good investment for videos is an external mic that amplifies the audio quality of the video. The in-built mic of a smartphone or camera might create background noise, which leads to distraction.

It is best to shoot the videos using natural lighting. Moreover, use outdoor lights or the beautiful hues of sunrise or sunset to create a moody, warm effect. For indoor shoots, invest in an affordable light source and later adjust the video’s exposure and brightness. It is advisable to shoot the videos in small segments and stitch them together using an online video editor. Ensure to create short videos because longer videos become monotonous and boring, especially if it is intended for marketing and promotion.

Edit Carefully and Add a CTA With the Video

The composition and editing skills for a video matter a lot. Using easy online editors, videos can be edited with the right composition and elements such as saturation, tones, color, brightness, and exposure. The safest way to do so is to follow the thirds while framing the subject during shooting. Customize the video for the platform you want to use it for. For example, if you are creating a YouTube video, ensure to shoot using the horizontal or landscape mode. For Instagram IGTV or Reels, shoot the video in vertical mode. Add a CTA, which redirects the prospective customer to the relevant site; this helps increase the conversion rate for a product or service.


Video content is trending as a marketing tool as it can influence the viewers with creative visuals. With many free online video creators and editing software, it is easy to create relevant content in just a few minutes. Try to be creative and highlight what might benefit the customer from the product or service through the video.



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