How To Achieve Strong Brand Presence - 10 Engaging Instagram Secrets To Know

How To Achieve Strong Brand Presence - 10 Engaging Instagram Secrets To Know


How To Achieve Strong Brand Presence - 10 Engaging Instagram Secrets To Know



Instagram is the most popular application for sharing photos and videos of your memorable activities. Though Instagram came into action in 2010, it became an engaging platform among social media networks worldwide within a decade. Instagram has quickly gained 1 billion monthly active users and became the fastest growing social media.


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Businesses and brands use this platform as their perfect place to grow their identity globally and improve their growth by using Instagram. A surprising report in recent times is that there are 50 million active business profiles and more than two million advertisers on Instagram to gain popularity for their brand.


Creating your Instagram account is easy but obtaining a successful level in this network requires your hard work and an effective marketing plan. It takes some time to reach your brand among millions of people, and here are some best ways to build your online presence on Instagram for creating good relationships with your audiences.

Tip #1: Fix On Your Goal

The main factor in reaching audiences interested in your brand is knowing your business goal and working accordingly. Capture the audience’s showing interest in your business with the right objective that suits your product growth. The plan for each business differs according to the nature of the work. Some of the common goals that help to choose for your businesses are:


     Increase brand awareness

     Create online community

     Drive more engagement

     Increase traffic to your website

     Selling your products and services

     Gain followers

     Improve conversions

     Get more leads

     Build bonds by having influencers


Concentrate on a single goal and attract the right audiences to your Instagram account and make them stick to it. Gain an engaging community with your content by making your feed appealing to global audiences.

Tip #2: Maintain A Consistent Look

When you watch a successful Instagram account, you can know the meaning of consistency. The content should be consistent in relating to your brand to grab the audience's attention. Limit the usage of filters with one or two and apply to your content repeatedly for all your posts to make it consistent. The limited use of filters helps to give a brand identity to your business and build recognition.


When the content seems regular and shows your presence on posting content on standard time, people will automatically show interest in watching your content. Provide your brand logo on each of the content displaying in small size on top or bottom of the picture. It helps the audiences to remember your brand and easily recognize you on all platforms.

Tip #3: Begin Interaction With Your Followers

Involve your followers in your content as much as you can to take part in your story. Make them interact with you through the comments for each content and respond to their every comment. The interaction from both ends gives a way to build a good relationship and increases your brand trust.


Create content by encouraging your audiences to leave a comment or use captions to intimate your followers to give suggestions. When your content really looks exciting and interacting, people will definitely comment on their advice and appreciation. Your reply to their comments should make them feel like a part of your business. Don’t miss out on any comments on your content. If you find difficulty replying to all comments, just hit the like button for simple comments to show your presence. Ask for ideas and suggestions for your future plans and implement them to make your audiences overwhelmed.

#4. Plan Your Content

The only way available on Instagram to make your brand popular is by delivering the right content to your audiences. Use your creativity and unique skill to plan the content. Since Instagram is all about visual platforms, there will be plenty of engaging content. If you want to stand out from the crowd, your content is the key to achieve it. Preplan your content by researching your audience’s interest. The content should match your follower’s interest and attract them to watch it.


Watch your competitor’s content to gather new content ideas and see which post on their feed gathers more engagement. You can use the same concept with different content to attract your target audiences to your page and maximize your content views. When more people engage with your brand, the reach of your business grows gradually.

#5. Use Instagram Stories Feature

Instagram stories already proved their potential for businesses. From the average view of Instagram stories, 33% of most viewed Instagram stories are from brands and businesses. When you get real Instagram story views for your original content, it develops a deeper connection with your brand from potential followers.


Explore your thoughts to your followers with your stories' content. Though the content on this feature is temporary and lasts for only 24 hours, people get easy access to viewing stories. Know what is in your audience’s mind by creating stories using engaging stickers like:


     Countdown sticker

     Question sticker

     Quiz sticker

     Poll type sticker

     Location sticker

     Music sticker, etc.,


Instagram stories are an excellent opportunity for you to show your brand presence by posting updates daily.

#6. Perform Live To Create Trust

Strengthen the relationship with your followers by appearing live. Usually, videos build trust among people. When you appear to live, people will find the real content creating brand trust. Show your products to your audiences visually and explain the features of your brand with advantages. Bringing out your product live has more power to convert your audiences to your potential followers.


Don’t use live sessions only for selling your products. Clear the doubts of your followers instantly by leaving the questions through comments. It will be displayed in your live, and you can share your answers to build a good interaction. Use the audience name in your live to create curiosity among your followers.

#7. Use Proper Hashtags

Hashtags are the key tool for improving your visibility among audiences worldwide. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags for a single content. But I recommend you to use seven to nine hashtags for better performance. Use the hashtags relevant to your content to make visitors stay on your content.


For gaining a better result, you can use the branded hashtag, i.e., the “#” symbol followed by your brand name. When you use this hashtag on your post, it will get popular among broader audiences. Encourage your potential followers also to use the branded hashtags. Instagram itself provides an easy way to find hashtags on the search bar. Type the related keyword and get a list of relevant hashtags. Choose from it to engage audiences with your content.

#8. Go With Reels

Instagram is giving various updates from time to time to keep users engaged. Likewise, the most recent and exciting update is the reels feature. Instagram launched this feature as an alternative one to TikTok, where you can upload short videos. Reels allow you to make videos for 15 to 30 seconds. Nowadays, most people spend their time watching videos on reels. People relax by watching reel videos that are useful and engaging.


Reels are not only for entertainment purposes. You can either make tutorial videos or any helpful videos to develop users in their personal life. A reel is a place where all kinds of people can view your videos when it starts to get more views. When your videos are interesting, you can get high responses for your brand.

#9. Posting At Right Time

After knowing your target audiences who show interest in your business, find the right time to post. The correct time for posting content depends upon your audience’s active time on Instagram. When you post at any time without any analysis, you will miss out on the performance of your content that prevents you from reaching higher. Instagram gives you a hand in finding the active time through the insights feature.


Before stepping into the insights feature, change your account to a business profile to use this feature. Click the insights option visible on your profile and find at what time your audiences are available on TikTok and post it on that time to gain engagement for your product. Your target audiences also will quickly know about your brand when you post at a specific time.

#10. Bonding With Influencers

Influencer marketing is a great way to show your brand presence and gives you the opportunity to gain loyal followers to your account. The influencers on Instagram usually have many followers who trust them blindly. The reason for their follower’s trust in their originality.


Find the right influencer who has your target audiences and join with them to grow your brand. Influencers will take your brand for a certain period and promote your business with authentic content. Since their followers already have an interest in your brand, they will visit your page. After that, you are responsible for showing your presence with consistent content on your feed.

Wrapping Up:

Instagram is one of the best marketing tools to showcase your business and improve your brand personality. Invest your hard work and dedication on Instagram to show your brand presence. I believe that the above points help you to make your online presence on Instagram. Grow your business with a proper marketing plan and make your brand a successful one.



Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at PlanYourGram.com. She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.



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