How To Make Popcorn At Home

How To Make Popcorn At Home

 How To Make Popcorn At Home

There is no denying that everybody loves popcorns. Popcorn Boxes are with you no matter what occasion you are enjoying. It can be a movie or a basketball match. It is more of a trend nowadays to carry these delicious popcorns with you while you are entertaining yourself. The good thing is that you can make them in your home too. So if you need some guidance on how you can do that, then follow the article below to learn. 


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1. Gathering All The Necessary Supplies


The first step to making delicious popcorns is to know and collect the tools that you will need to make them. These are a pot or a pan with a top lid. It would be helpful if this has a handle with it, as it will make things easier for you. The next thing is the popcorn kernels themselves. It was a no-brainer, right? The third thing that you need is some oil, olive oil would be a preferred choice, but it is highly subjective. The last thing that you will be needing is some salt to add some flavor to your delicious snacks. 


2. Pre-Heat The Stove


As for the majority of cooking dishes, it is important to pre-heat the stove before you put your pot on it. It is needed mostly for electric stoves, which have an electric induction system to heat the stove. It needs some time to get things going, so this pre-heat is needed. But, if you are utilizing a gas stove, then there is no need to do that as it can heat up quickly. You can light the gas stove after you have added oil to the pot. 


3. Add Oil To The Pot


The third step to making popcorns for you or your family and friends is to add some oil into the pot. There are oils available in the market, and it really depends on you to choose what oil you want. Olive oil is considered a premium oil to be used in this regard. However, most households normally use canola oil. You can work with both of them. While pouring oil into the pot, make sure that the bottom of the pot is completely layered with oil. You do not want to add too much or too little oil, as this will affect the quality of the popcorns. Also, the more popcorns you are making, the more oil you would require. 


4. Add Some Salt (Optional)


Although this is the fourth step, it is optional for you. Some people like to have their popcorns with a taste of salt in them, and there are people with opposite tastes as well. People who love their popcorns salty can go through this particular step, and for people who do not, they can continue ahead. The best way to add salt to the popcorns is that you add it after you add the kernels in the pot with oil. People mostly make the mistake that they add salt to the oil, which can lead to uneven taste. Also, some people like to add salt to their popcorns after they get them in perfect popcorn boxesBut generally, the first method is more useful to make your popcorns tasty.



5. Put Some Kernels In The Oil


The fifth step is to add the kernels to the oil. You have been waiting for this, right? Well, here you go, now you can add kernels in the oil and shake that pot. It is done to mix the kernels with the hot oil properly. It is important to do this after the oil is warmed up, or else the salt will not be absorbed by the kernels properly. Do not shake this pan too vigorously, as this can result in the oil coming out of the pan, and the popcorns may also come flying with it. 


6. Cover The Pan With The Lid


The next step is to cover the pan with the lid and wait for the condensation to happen. Make sure that you shake the pan occasionally to make popcorns effective. This shaking, while being covered, will ensure that the oil is distributed evenly and all of the popcorns are cooked well. Due to the closed cover at the top, the steam starts to build up in the pot, and they are cooked quickly. 


7. Occasionally Lift The Lid


While making popcorns, it is important to remember that you have to keep on lifting the lid to release the steam. If this is not done, then the popcorns can turn out to be too chewy and will not be crispy. The indication for stopping is that when some kernels try to escape the pot, it means that you are almost done with the job. Listen to the popping sounds, as it also indicates that the popcorns are ready to be served. Simply turn the stove off and serve them. 


If you follow all the steps given in the article above, then you can make crispy and delicious popcorns in your home. To make the experience even better, you can use Popcorn Boxes to serve them. After that, you can enjoy a movie or a super bowl with your friends or family. So what are you waiting for? Get up on your feet and start cooking!

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