Hidden tourist hubs in Mumbai, you should know

Hidden tourist hubs in Mumbai, you should know

 Hidden tourist hubs in Mumbai, you should know 


Mumbai, the land of dreams and a city that never sleeps is one of India's most looked upon sightseeing destinations. Whenever a traveler intends to visit this commendable place, he/she ensures that they pay a visit to Mumbai since the city is worth it! If you stay in Sydney and want to visit Mumbai, you shouldn't wait at all and get the tickets scheduled for Sydney to Mumbai flights. It's because the beauty of this city is incomparable and you would never regret visiting it. 


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If we talk about the sightseeing places in Mumbai, you are going to get the same list on every page on the Internet. These include the Juhu Beach, Marine Drive, Worli Sea Face, and many others. But, do you want to enjoy your vacations in Mumbai in a distinct way? Well, yes, you can do that by visiting the hidden gems of the city. If you start looking out for the hidden places, you would easily be able to escape from the overcrowded streets and the rush of visitors there. These places are lesser-known, and thus, there is a minimum footfall at these places currently.


Here are some hidden gems in Mumbai that you should plan to visit after confirming Sydney to Mumbai flights. Have a look at them below: 

  1. Banaganga


Banaganga is a hidden location in Mumbai that is mainly visited by artists and filmmakers. The beauty of this place is exemplary, and you are surely going to have the best time while being here. It is a water tank that notably dates back to 1120 AD. Also, it is very noteworthy that this water tank is accompanied by a mythological significance behind its existence. According to the beliefs, Lord Rama felt thirsty, and he came up to this point intending to quench his thirst. His brother, Lakshman, notably shot a bow on the ground. This paved the way for this Ganges's tributary, and thus, it got this name. 

2.  Sassoon Docks


The Sassoon Docks is considered to be the oldest deck prevalent in Mumbai. It is open for public access and is certainly the greatest sight to behold. You will find it even in the best form when the footfall is less and not hoarded with people. Sassoon Docks was established in 1875. It intends to serve the purpose of facilitating the people with a sight of fish catching. Also, it is known to serve the various fish markets in and around the area. 

3.  Pandavkada Falls


If you are extensively searching for the finest hidden gems in Mumbai, you can never miss out on the Pandavkada Falls. It is the best place to visit with your friends and family. The rushing water of these waterfalls is an ideal retreat for all the visitors present here. This majestic sight glares at its best during the monsoons. Do not forget to visit the Buddha caves and the Kharghar Hills while you are here. Both of them are located nearby and are surely the finest attractions. 

4.  Dhobi Ghat 


Dhobi Ghat is a retreat for every visitor, and while being here, you would witness the dhobis/washermen intrigued in washing the linen of various hospitals and hotels. The Dhobi Ghat is an open-air Laundromat where you can enjoy the sights of various dhobis rubbing, washing, and drying the clothes regularly. It is their daily routine. Each one of them is prevalent in his/her own designated cubicle made out of flogging stone. 

5.  Dahanu Beach


The Dahanu Beach is a pristine beach in Mumbai that is accompanied by a serene charm. The golden sands and the beautiful gardens here would surely steal your heart. Also, there are many temples in this region, and if you are a divinity seeker, you can visit this place. It is located in closer proximity to NH-8. Dahanu Beach is a quiet place, and you would have the best time of your life here. 

6.  Colaba Causeway 


If you want to witness and experience Mumbai's true culture in a single place, then you can visit the Colaba Causeway. Being a cultural person, you would surely fall in love with every bit lying at this place. It is a cultural square that is also a shopping market for the locals as well as the tourists visiting here. The sellers showcase their attractive and extensive collection of displays on sale right on the footpath. This also adds up to the amazing beauty of this place. 

7.  Gilbert Hill


Can you think of a big rock that consists of the solid lava prevalent right in the middle of Mumbai? Well, yes, that's possible, and this huge rock is known as the Gilbert Hill. It is located in Andheri and has a notable elevation of 200ft. Also, there are two temples atop this rock. This place has attracted a good number of tourists and geologists towards its uniqueness. 

8.  Chhota Kashmir 

As the name suggests, the Chhota Kashmir has got beauty and charm like Kashmir. This place has a lake that is considered to be the true attraction for every kind of visitor, whether a nature lover or a serenity lover. The thick green cover and the various boating facilities present here act as a treat for the tourists hailing from all across the world. 




The places that we have mentioned above are undoubtedly the finest hidden gems of Mumbai. They assist you with a fair idea about the unparalleled experiences prevalent here. If you are searching for the best deals on Sydney to Mumbai flights, you can contact the team of MyTicketsToIndia. With their 24x7 customer assistance, top-notch knowledge about flight tickets and dedication to present the fairest fares, you wouldn't stay dissatisfied. All you need to do is just check out their website and grab the finest deals available. You can also contact their experts to know more about the flights' availability, timings and fares. MyTicketsToIndia would be more than happy to serve their esteemed customers whenever they want to. 

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