What Is the Ideal Number of Kid’s Toy?

What Is the Ideal Number of Kid’s Toy?


What Is the Ideal Number of Kid’s Toy?

This is an age of giving and receiving. When it comes to a festival or an important day, we always think about what kind of kid’s toy we should present to our kids on this special day. But do you ever calculate how many toys your kids have? Is it better to have more toys?

According to a study carried by Michigan State University Extension, “In the United States, we have 3 percent of the world’s children and 40 percent of the world’s toys, with the average child receiving 70 new toys a year.” The study caught my eye and got my thinking: Are we wrong to present kids with many toys? Then I tried to find some scientific evidence to prove the fact. A study shows an abundance of toys present reduced quality of toddlers’ play, and fewer kid’s toys at once may help toddlers to focus better and play more creatively. It’s time for us to pay attention to this fact and do something as parents. Below are some tips about how to keep toys less and what we can do if there are already too many toys around your kids. Check out the article and give your kids toys with suitable quantity and intention.

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Keeping Kid’s Toys Less

It’s no doubt that children need to have toys for playing and developing all kinds of skills. But too many kid’s toys may lead to a negative result. When there are so many toys to choose from, children are more likely to discard them. They’re not going to spend time in exploring additional ways of playing every toy and give up quickly once it has any difficulty or disagreement. In the course of time, children would not require time and effort to solve a challenging problem. Besides, children who are used to possessing a large number of toys would ask for more, which puts financial strain on our parents. Lastly, in accordance with Deborah MacNamara, a clinical counselor in Vancouver, “kids will explore their environment and examine articles that are interesting to them—from pots and pans to blocks.” It means that children will spontaneously interact with more objects than toys. In general, keeping kid’s toys less would be an ideal choice for both kids and parents. Then how to choose limited gift fitting for kids?

Follow Kid’s Interest

When children reach the age of five, they’ll show interest in specific types of kid’s toys, such as kid’s ride-on cars, baby dolls, lego, Yo-yo and toy piano, etc. Present them with toys by their interest is more vital for our parents, which will help us to provide them with minimal but efficient attractive toys. To keep toys minimal, you can pique their interest in all areas by encouraging them to play with their peers, participate in more outdoor activities, and so on. You can put the money you spent on toys toward their other desires.

Are Kid’s Toys Poison?

Kids at all age brackets spend an increasing time in TVs, computer games, tablets, etc. Anne Rowan-Legg, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa notes,  “Toys present a far greater opportunity for parent and child to interact and for the child to express some creativity, and learn some valuable life lessons that they won’t learn in the virtual world.” kid’s toys can help to develop kid’s various capabilities like creativity and motor skill, to build a bridge between kids and parents. In this case, the toy serves as a major part of a kid’s childhood. If your kids have a so-loved toy, or achieved some goals, you are so excited and want to present them toys as reward and hope it would be loved by them, do not hesitate to pick kid’s toys for them.

If you find your house filled with toys, just sort them out and keep minimal toys that your kids love deeply and play with usually.

What Kind of Kid’s Toys Should Be Left?

If you are confused about what kinds of toys should be discarded and what should be left. Please go on to check out the following tips.

The first kind of kid’s toys should be left is that your child will often play with them and are interesting in them. For example, some children are used to sleeping with a doll. The doll definitely should be left. Then it’s the toy with multiple potential playing ways. When a child has limited toys, he or she will carefully explore various playing ways, which is beneficial for cultivating his or her creativity. Then it’s the toy with realistic features, which can give them a certain understanding of the real world. Take kid’s ride-on for example, TOBBI electric car with realistic features including realistic engine sound, multiple brake system, a built-in MP3 player or radio, or forward/backward function would be better for kids. Because it teaches children a lot in the real world.



In conclusion, next time before planning to present a toy to your little kids, do not forget the following three steps:

1.      Estimate if there are too many toys around your kids. Too many toys may distract kid’s attention and make them easily be bored with a toy. 

2.      If there are too many toys, sort them out. Toy which children often play with and have an interest, and toys with multiple potential playing ways and with realistic features can be left.

3.      Respect kid’s interest. They’ll spend more time on it and explore more ways to play it.

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