TikTok Verified Badge: What It Is & How To Get One

TikTok Verified Badge: What It Is & How To Get One

 TikTok Verified Badge: What It Is & How To Get One


TikTok is one of the hottest and most celebrated social media with 689 million monthly active users, and the average spend time is 52-minutes per day. TikTok has excellent potential for marketers, and companies could spot massive ROI during their campaigns. And they all have a TikTok verified badge.


Making your TikTok account verified is actually a purposeful factor in your action on the platform. A verified badge will highlight and give weight to your content, playing as an extra edge to push your videos in front of millions of new eyes. As a marketer, it will provide you abundant benefits to enhance your business on TikTok.


Let us see more info about TikTok verified badge and some effective hacks to get it.


Why Is TikTok Verified Badge Important?

What is a TikTok verified badge?

A verified badge refers to the TikTok that has confirmed that particular account belonging to the users it represents. You can find it near TikTok's user account name in search results. A Profile will appear as a blue checkmark.


You could enjoy plenty of benefits using the TikTok verified badge; let us see its worth.


Build Authority: If your account is verified, it will officially get one's public approval by TikTok as the trustable account. It helps to strengthen your brand's authority across the app.

Gains Authenticity: Once your account is verified, you will receive bags of credibility. Moreover, you could find many ways to make your users look on your account.

Trust Is Increased: With the TikTok badge, you can build trust among high-profile accounts and their audience too.

Massive Exposure: TikTok verified accounts have a chance to reach every nook and corner of this platform. It leads to getting bags of engagement to your account.


I think it may sound good right, but unfortunately, getting a TikTok verified account doesn't have any clear-cut guides or rules. Anyways, you have plenty of ways to improve your scale towards getting a verified badge.


Construct A Good Content Strategy

Having a constant strategy is crucial to make your account strong. Spend your time on dog research to check what works in your niche, test posting at different times to see what time yields the best results. Try to measure and evaluate your video performance. Be on the trend, keep your eye on popular hashtags, ensure you have participated in related challenges. Create a unique tone, style of approach in delivering your videos. Try to maintain it throughout your account.


This may look like you need to undergo a lot of work, yeah it's true; when you concentrate on all those factors, it's easy for you to achieve in your content strategy.


Put Efforts To Get Steady Growth

If you're looking forward to getting a TikTok verified badge, you must show a continued increase in your followers count.


 Increasing your followers count is crucial but you must focus on getting real quality TikTok views because they are the ones who can get real engagement for your account. Next, make your content visually attractive and engaging to increase your audience watch time. If your video gets maximum watch time, it has a better chance to go viral. Concentrating on those factors will increase your chance to get a TikTok account verified badge effortlessly.


Making your account verified is purely based on your activity on this platform. If suppose you have a chance to get a verified account or a chance to get featured on any online publication. It will improve your credibility and strength and show you are an interesting person on this platform. It will provide a strong reason to raise your activity with TikTok verified badge.


Engage With Other TikTokers

Among challenges, likes, comments, shares, there are plenty of ways to interact with your audience. You must make use of everyone on this platform.


Making your fans valued and recognized through your replies and likes to their content will improve your relationship. Other than that, you can provide extra benefits to continue your growth. You can come up with new engaging, funny videos, hosting captivating challenges, a duet with your followers, and will improve your follower's interaction. As a result, you will get a higher engagement rate, which will seriously improve your chance of getting a TikTok verified badge.


Remember, your efforts must not end with your followers, follow people who are interested in your videos or industry, try to reach them.TikTok expects your account to be active, so maintain your maximum presence always and engage with your followers.


Consistency Leads To Success

It doesn't matter whether you are posting eye-catching videos; in case you are not uploading content regularly, you will not get a chance to make your account verified. Create videos that express your brand's voice and personality. It is best to post at least 2 to 3 videos per day to fill your top row of TikTok accounts. At the same time, you must concentrate on creating valuable and engaging content. Remember, you have to roll out high-quality videos on a daily basis, it makes the most out of this platform.


Even you can team up with popular influencers in your niche to grow your account in every aspect.


Maintain Your Standard

As a marketer, you must create content that specifies or expresses the quality of services. Keep in mind and produce great content; you need to incorporate your production values and prioritize as much as possible.


Invest in high-quality equipment to shoot your videos to maintain your standard, making you stand out. Concentrate on video quality and add value to your content; you can even add an external microphone to deliver flawless sound.



With millions of active users, who are looking forward to engaging with the brand, TikTok provides a golden opportunity for business owners and marketers to grow their business. If a business account gets verified, you have plenty of chances to make your brand famous and popular on TikTok. I hope the listed hacks mentioned above will find a way to make your account verified.


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