Choose Dedicated Server India to thrive your Online Business in the Competitive Marke

Choose Dedicated Server India to thrive your Online Business in the Competitive Marke


Choose Dedicated Server India to thrive your Online Business in the Competitive Market


In the ongoing fast-developing web market, every other online business strives to get a competitive edge over all its rivals. It is possible when you support your business's website through reliable and robust web hosting. You can find a number of web hosting services in the industry to host your website. However, to acquire your business's high-scale goals, you need to have web hosting that provides a flexible, scalable, and secure server that has the capability to provide you the required resources and let your website function efficiently in all situations.


This is where the India Dedicated Server wins the race. With rendering the hosting facilities, Dedicated Server India also provides the possibility to utilize it for data storing, as an email server, and much more. Let us begin by comprehending how Dedicated Server hosting India differs from the rest of the hosting types.

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Dedicated Server Hosting vs. other hosting types

The Dedicated Server India hosting provides the independent, private and isolated environment to host your website. Whereas in a shared server, the hosting environment is shared among multiple users. Though virtual private server hosting helps provide the private hosting environment, the central physical server is still shared among various users. 


In the shared server hosting, all the users share and utilize the server resources. On the other side, the VPS hosting assigns the server resources separately to each user. However, the Dedicated Server hosting in India permits all of its resources to operate and get dedicated for running your business website solely.


Unlike in other hosting types, you get the privilege to configure and customize your entire main server based on your web business need under the Dedicated Server hosting in India. You can utilize and modify the Dedicated Server India without any restrictions. Moreover, you may also make use of your Dedicated Server by renting the unused space and resources to your end customers for generating further profits.


Having learned about the specifications of the Dedicated Server in India, let us know how these specifications can help in your web business advancement by getting insights into India's benefits.


How will the India Dedicated Server benefit your business?

Here are some of the significant advantages offered by the best Dedicated Server hosting India that benefit the web business on a huge level. Let's go through them.

High-Level Security

With the best-Dedicated Server India, your business website achieves higher security due to the private hosting environment and unique passwords or logins. No other user can access your data and interfere in your website's processes without having your permission. It saves your business website from various security threats and cyber-attacks. It also helps in preventing data breaching. Moreover, along with the security facilities offered by your hosting provider, you can also include other high-security layers from your end. Such security layers that come with the Dedicated Server India help your website not get affected by external attacks and malfunctioning, which further prevents your website from getting into offline mode and going down in SEO ranking.

Reliable bandwidth

The Dedicated Server India helps acquire reliable bandwidth as your website will have exclusive access to server resources. Since you will not be sharing the bandwidth with any other users, it does not get affected by the tenants, unlike in shared server hosting. The dedicated bandwidth enables your business website to work at high speed. It lets you stream a number of high-quality photos or videos on your website. Your website visitors will be able to load the web pages in the minimum time possible. All the applications, systems, and programs will function smoothly and efficiently. It implies that your business will also become capable of facilitating a large volume of traffic without any system lag.

No hardware expense overhead

The Dedicated Server India utilizes robust, powerful physical hardware with expensive equipment. However, your company does not require spending money to invest in such hardware upfront. You also do not have to bother about the server's routine maintenance and repairs. It saves you further costs, time, and effort. All these will be handled and maintained by your hosting provider, who provides you these facilities at affordable rates and not at a flat fee. You can have complete control over your server, software, and applications while letting your hosting provider monitor, maintain, and handle the physical space and server.


It is crucial that you find the best Dedicated Server hosting India to enjoy your Dedicated Server service's privileges and benefits for raising your business profit graph. Serverwala is one of the renowned hosting providers for rendering quality services at affordable rates all over the globe. Let us find out how it can provide your website with the best-Dedicated Server in India.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider In India

Serverwala renders the cheapest Dedicated Server India and has been acquiring various awards for fulfilling its commitment to give customer satisfied service along with the cheap Dedicated Server India. Follwoing mentioned are some of the major advantages offered by Serverwala to make sure that your business website receives the best-Dedicated Server services -


    Bare metal Dedicated Servers supporting RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10

    Premium bandwidth with the fastest network from 100 Mb/s to GBPS

    Private server clusters employing the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets

    Network connectivity combined among the multiple Internet Exchanges, including Extreme-IX - Bandwidth, Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, NIXI, from industry-leading service providers

    Service level agreement guaranteeing 100% uptime

    24/7/365 technical support from certified and experienced professionals


You may contact the Serverwala's professionals anytime to resolve your queries. They are available via different communication modes - Whatsapp, Live chat, Skype, Phone call, E-mail.

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Final Words

Along with the cheap Dedicated Server India, Serverwala provides you the option for picking any of the unmanaged and managed Dedicated Server India. Even if pick the unmanaged Dedicated Server India and take responsibility for everything from configuring your server, installing an operating system to maintaing your Dedicated Server, you can still have the 24/7 technical support from the company's team in case you face any issue that you are unable to handle on your own.

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