6 Essential Things Brands And Creators Must Know About IGTV Ads

6 Essential Things Brands And Creators Must Know About IGTV Ads


6 Essential Things Brands And Creators Must Know About IGTV Ads


Instagram has recently introduced IGTV ads, and it's one of the good news for marketers and brands.


This platform was launched in 2018; in the beginning, creators don't have the option to monetize their IGTV channel. In late 2020, Instagram said they plan to start an ad program to pick the creators.

If you're a brand or creator looking for popular social media advertising revenue, IGTV would be the best. Take advantage of IGTV ads while the iron is hot.

In this article, you are going to see IGTV ads and their usage. Let's get started,

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IGTV Is New Revenue Stream For Creators

IGTV is a new method for influencers or creators to monetize their IGTV content. As per Instagram, IGTV ads will display as soon as the user clicks to see the IGTV video from their preview button in their feed. The ad will last for 15-seconds; it will be mobile optimized and in a vertical format.


Instagram announced that this feature would be rolling out to the UK and Australian creators over the week. They have plans to expand it to more new countries by the end of 2021. It's good news for content creators, and Instagram is planning it for further expansion. This will be more beneficial for those who upload to long-form channels on Instagram. IGTV is crucial for marketers and creators to grow their personal brands and to improve their business.


Instagram keeps on launching many exciting features like IGTV, IGTV ads, currently reels. Many people started looking towards reels, which is similar to TikTok. In Instagram reels, you have to create videos for up to 30 seconds, which is quite trending among the current Instagram users.


If you're a budding brand or a content creator looking for instant recognition, reels are the best. Since it's in the beginning stage, it encourages more new creators. Posting videos on trending topics will give you more reels likes on Instagram, and it gains a lot of visibility for your account. Actually, it fills the space of TikTok; soon, it will become a prominent feature of Instagram.


IGTV ads are the new features plan to help the creators to monetize their content through this platform.


How Much Creators Could Make From IGTV

For content creators, it's a bit challenging to make money with IGTV content. Instagram has decided to provide 55% of their IGTV ad revenue with their creators, it's the industry standard, according to Justin Osofsky, Instagram's Coo.


Both YouTube and Facebook watch provides 55% ad revenue to their creators, and they keep the rest of the 45%; this may be their industry standard. It could help make Instagram provide a room space for top influencers and other creators, offering plenty of monetization and growthopportunities.


Who Is Eligible For IGTV Ads

Currently, by now, Facebook pages are eligible for ads for their partnership program only if they meet the following criteria.


       The person has to create a video for up to 3-minutes

       In two months, that particular video must generate 30000, 1-minute views.

       They must have 10,000 Facebook followers

       Moreover, they must meet with Facebook monetization standard


Reason For Instagram IGTV Ads Right Now

Keeping creators in mind, Instagram plans to create IGTV ads. In fact, creators are the most crucial part of Instagram, so this platform wants to continue to grow their creators' passion into living in this platform. On the other hand, this platform introduced ads to entice more new creators and bring many creators to this channel. There will be more signals in the beginning stage, which shows some difficulty in making the people watch and create IGTV videos.


For instance, just think, if you are a creator and looking forward to investing your most of the time on YouTube, which pays $5 per view, and IGTV (now it pays nothing). Obviously, your choice will be YouTube.


In the post-YouTube Ad, playscape, the monetization standards are more to be what Facebook attaches to the most. This is how Facebook makes its money towards ads. Also, they need anybody's video affecting their point.


Lets us see their standards,


Rule:1 They must follow their community standards, no sexual content, negative or hate speech, and no inciting comments.

Rule:2 Must share original content, which means no copyright or infringing trademarks.

Rule:3 You should not share any fake news; if the content encourages any misinformation, it will flag and remove.

Rule:4 Focus on creating authentic engagement; avoid creating bots or buying followers to increase views.

Rule:5 Maintain maximum presence; you need to create an authentic and established presence on Facebook. That is, you have to be on Facebook for up to 90 days.

Rule:6 Follow their respective political and other government rules. According to Facebook, the current and appointed figures may not monetize their videos.


Don't forget to read Facebook's complete partner monetization policies.


IGTV Ads Appearance

IGTV ads are one of the brand new features. It may partially look like Instagram story ads. The ad will play somewhere between 15 to 30 seconds; also, people have the option to skip the ad like on YouTube. The difference is, it will appear in all the IGTV videos. IGTV ads will be an exclusive feature of Instagram, so to come up with the ad, you have to follow a particular specification.

Now, you can look at some of the specifications followed for Instagram story ads.

Follow Recommended Size: Your video must have the highest resolution quality and must follow the recommended file size and ratio limits.


Size: Minimum 500 by 889 pixels

Video Ratio:16:9 to 4:5 & 9:16

Specs: You can prefer .MP4 and. MOV format, 120 seconds for maximum, maximum file size 30MB.

Instagram follows the exact specification of Facebook. Post the highest resolution with recommended ratio length and file size.


How To Create IGTV Ads

At present, there is no option to create IGTV ads; when you look towards the advertising progress of Instagram, not for IGTV, you can get an idea of what they are doing.


To find this, you have to create a Facebook page and create ads via the Facebook ads manager. If you ever experienced either Facebook or YouTube ads manager, the process is quite effortless. You need to pick a budget, ad type, create the ad with video clippings, pictures caption, headline, and more. Yes, your ad is ready.



Instagram is one of the modernism apps; it's an excellent platform for plenty of brands, marketers, content creators to enhance their business and passion. In fact, you find many worthy in-build features like the Instagram story, IGTV, reels; this platform is still working on IGTV ads, but soon it will come with a proper announcement.

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