10 Best Ideas To Improve Your Business on YouTube Marketing

10 Best Ideas To Improve Your Business on YouTube Marketing


10 Best Ideas To Improve Your Business on YouTube Marketing


The most visited website on search engines than Google is YouTube and became the second most popular website. YouTube has more than one billion monthly active users reaching out to new audiences. Since it is a video-sharingplatform, marketers use this platform to show their products to larger audiences.


Though YouTube is a large platform with wider audiences, the competition is higher than other social media. For every minute, people upload 500 hours of video on YouTube. So it becomes a little challenging to make your video content successful on YouTube. Only with quality content and a great marketing plan you can win on YouTube.


Here are ten smart ways to reach more audiences and improve your business on YouTube.

#1. Build Your Channel

Create your brand channel on YouTube telling about your brand’s story to all the viewers. Starting from your YouTube icon to description, it should speak about your brand clearly. Set your business logo as your YouTube channel icon with an attractive banner for your audience to easily identify your brand on other social media.


YouTube provides the “about section” to fill out a brief description of your brand. When a visitor views your channel, there should be attractive information explaining your brand’s positivity in the right way. You can also increase your website traffic by providing CTA (Call-To-Action) pointing to your website.

#2. Publish Videos Consistently

Prepare video content to attract your audiences and bring out your brand’s success story in the first few videos. Encourage your customers to give reviews for your products and share their experience using your product which will be the greatest marketing strategy to increase your audience.


The tutorials with a step-by-step procedure to use your product and true informative video content will create brand trust among your audiences. Just publishing videos on your channel will not improve your brand visibility. Post your engaging videos consistently at the right time to increase your subscribers.


Know the correct time to post on YouTube by analyzing the active time of your audience. The best time to post videos on YouTube will be at 5 PM, where most people watch videos.

#3. Attractive Video Titles

The viewer watches your video only if it is attractive and is relevant to their search result. Optimize your content title based on YouTube search by using relevant keywords and correct descriptions. Make it easier for YouTube SEO to bring your title to the top of your audience’s attention.


Your title brings the first impression to your video content. With the attractive title, increase your video views, and there is a huge chance to convert your viewers into your subscribers by giving an attractive title with correct keywords.

#4. Use Cross Promoting Technique

Gain more traffic for your YouTube by promoting your video content on other social media platforms and increasing your video views reaching new audiences. Provide call-to-action at the description taking the viewers to the particular page where they want them on that particular page.


Post the link of your video on your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or send e-mails to your existing customers to improve your channel visibility.

#5. Creating Engaging Videos

The greatest marketing strategy on YouTube is to create engaging content. The chosen content can be on your product, brand, or business. You can also take a trending topic on YouTube and deliver it to your audience in a different and interesting way.


If engaging content reaches the audiences in the right way, it automatically enhances your YouTube channel with video views and increases your subscribers. All the videos on your channel should give consistent content with a clear explanation. The video length should be at least 3 to 4 minutes and share on other social media for higher engagement.


#6. Interact With Your Audience

Responding to your audience is an excellent way to improve your channel visibility. There are different ways to interact with your YouTubers.


     Comments - If there are any queries or suggestions on your videos, people start to give their opinion on comments. Respond to their comments immediately that boosts the engagement for your videos and increases your video’s traffic.

     Likes - The audiences will directly interact with your video content. Viewers hit the like button if your content attracts them. If you choose the option to show your likes in public, then these videos will be under your playlists section on your channel.

     Subscriptions - If a person subscribes to your channel, they will know up-to-date information about your brand. When you upload a new video, your subscribers will receive a notification intending to watch your content. Intimate the viewers in each video to subscribe to your channel, leading to the increase of your video views.

     Playlists - Using the playlist feature, you can organize your related content published already on your channel below your new video. The playlist option improves your other video visibility for the viewers.

     Share - Sharing is the best way to show your brand to your audience. Use other social media platforms to share your video content.

     Messages - Share your video link to your contact and friends by directly sending messages in private.

 #7. Uploading Live Videos

Similar to Instagram and Facebook, YouTube also has the live streaming option. It is a great option to show your new products visually to your viewers, improving your brand trust. You can conduct a Livestream on YouTube if you are a verified user. You are eligible to apply for verification if your channel has 100,000 subscribers.


Livestream can be done in four different ways,

     Stream Now option that directly takes you to live.

     Through the Events tab, you can preview your live stream video.

     Use the option on your mobile app, where you can archive your live video.

     Stream from the webcam of your computer.


#8. Promote Your Brand By Advertising

Advertising your brand will result in a connection with new audiences and with your potential customers. Reach them easily by using the correct keyword and targeting your right audiences. If you want to increase your sales or to introduce a new product, use advertising on YouTube.


The different video ad options are,

     TrueView in-stream ads - This type of video ad displays while playing another video or at the beginning or end of the video. The viewer can skip this ad after 5 seconds and will be charged if they watch for 30 seconds.

     Discovery ads - This video ad appears while the user searches for any related content on the web or on YouTube. There is no time limit for this ad, but you will be charged if anyone clicks on your ad.

     Bumper ads - This is a six-second ad, plays at the beginning of another video, which is unskippable by the user.

     Outstream ads - This video plays only on mobiles within the app or on competitor websites and will be charged based on impressions.

#9. Make Use Of YouTube Stories Feature

YouTube has launched YouTube Stories recently, similar to Instagram stories. This is a technique to publish a 15 seconds video on YouTube that remains on the channel for seven days. If your subscriber’s count is about 10,000, you can use stories. Stories are displayed on your homepage at the top of your subscriptions.

#10. Partnering With Influencers

Influencer marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy on YouTube. Find your influencer related to your brand because they know their audiences’ behavior, making it easy to grab those audiences to your brand.


Collaborating with other popular sites, prioritize your channel to new audiences who are interested in your products. Increase your product sales with the help of influencers by promoting your purchase link by the influencers. Influencers help you to increase your sales and also audiences.

Final Thought

YouTube is an excellent marketing place to promote your business among your potential customers. Creating more videos with attractive titles and relevant keywords helps you to succeed in your business. The above useful marketing ideas will provide a way to improve your business.


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