Secrets of Running a Successful Catering Business in Dubai

Secrets of Running a Successful Catering Business in Dubai


Secrets of Running a Successful Catering Business in Dubai

A corporate event is of great importance for any business that calls for professional catering services so they can make your event a success.

It goes without saying that catering can be challenging. There is no room for mistakes. It is very much like setting up a restaurant and then breaking it down. You have to master certain skills to be in business. Furthermore, getting into the catering business requires the right manpower, lot planning, along with impressive culinary skills. Also, you should have the will to succeed in the trade. Professional caterers have to manage both the business and commercial responsibilities.

What else do they need? Continue reading to know about key components of being a good caterer that specializes in Corporate catering in Dubai:

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Quality of Food

Food quality is the most important part of a catering business. If you aren’t able to provide it, you certainly cannot sustain your clients. Apart from ensuring good quality of food, you should also be able to set attractive menus and plan recipes.

Food Safety

You need to ensure that the food is safely transported to the venue. Other than that, you also need to take measures that prevent food from getting spoiled. These are important to avoid food poisoning. Any situation like this could have devastating repercussions on the catering company. Thus, the staff should always prioritize food safety and religiously apply the needed measures to achieve it.

Flexible Attitude

Sometimes there are events where the client has an expansive range of dietary needs and requirements. As a catering service provider, you should have the skills to respond to these with innovation. You should be able to create menus that are great in taste as well as varied and nutritious.

Customer Care

Listening and trying your best to satisfy the client's expectations from your service is crucial. If you want to thrive and grow in this industry, you have to practice consideration, tact, courtesy, and sensitivity. Apart from this, you need to polish your communication skills. Word of mouth is the most popular way of getting known. They are the most effective tools an event caterer can benefit from.

Determining your target market is crucial therefore let this be a key thought in formulating your business arrange.


You’ll ought to secure an ad license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) and before that, you’ll ought to want the structure of your planned business. Sole proprietorships are solely doable for UAE or GCC nationals.

Expatriates will have discovered a liability company, with associate degree Emirati sponsor World HealthOrganization owns fifty-one of the business, a venture or an area entity.

Whilst free zones became more and more widespread over recent years, guaranteeing you keep 100 percent possession of the business, with a business company, this may limit business to at intervals that exact area therefore deciding that market works best for you becomes even a lot of center stage.

Again, the premises kind and size can rely on the corporate structure and discovered you choose on.

Be careful once addressing contractors and make sure that you cowl all aspects of the contract to avoid wasting headaches in a while. Municipality pointers are in depth and dictate the materials used for walls, floors and ceilings.

The lighting and ventilation, storage of chilled, frozen and dried foods, food school assignment areas etc. therefore make sure to review all needs fastidiously before pricey mistakes are created or delays incurred.

Bear in mind the in depth laws in situ

Even if putting in place during a free-zone, you continue to ought to adhere to area laws moreover as municipality-issued rules. The food management department needs to grant a allow permitting you to run a food stuff-related institution, which needs documentation like trade license copies, worker health cards, health and safety certifications, laboratory check reports and a letter of no objection.

Attention to Detail

You should have a futuristic approach and be able to see the big picture. It is important that you establish yourself as a caterer who is willing to go the extra mile for client satisfaction. Also, looking at the wider frame and spotting these small things that are responsible for making the difference between a normally satisfied customer and a delighted one.

Leadership Skills

If you own a catering company, then it is necessary for you to have leadership skills. Since you have a team of cleaners and servers under you, you have to manage them and make sure that the staff team is fully up to date with all the safety procedures. Also, you should ensure that you train your team to cater to the special requirements of particular clients.


Effective business planning is necessary for your catering business to take off. When it comes to financing, all the matters such as accounting, business administration, employee affairs have to be taken into account. Moreover, you have to ensure that your business complies with the city, state, and rules and regulations.


You need to be enthusiastic about your work. Catering can be quite demanding at times. During the holidays, and summer barbeque months or when many business dinners are taking place. You and your team should be able to meet these demands with enthusiasm and good spirits. Doing so would add to the appeal of your service and make the clients as well as the guests happy.

Smart Marketing

Like any business, a catering business also requires effective marketing. You need to establish a proper website and online presence and work on different modes so that more people get to know more about your business. Networking and collaborating with associated trades like limousine hire companies and florists, event management companies, etc. can play a major role as well.

In all, catering is a good business that can yield fruitful returns. However, it is important that you understand every aspect thoroughly whether you are more inclined towards corporate events or baby shower catering in Dubai, before starting your business.

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