Most  Popular Highest paying Jobs In Agriculture In India

Most Popular Highest paying Jobs In Agriculture In India

 Most  Popular Highest paying Jobs In Agriculture In India


Agriculture graduate students have many open doors for building their career. This field is one of the best areas to minimise unemployment in India. There are several highest-paying jobs in the agriculture field. For an entry-level position, students have t study a minimum of 4-years course of BSC agriculture. 


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What is agriculture


Agriculture is the art or science, or practice of farming, which has so many terms. Cultivation of the soil is the first step for farming than showing the seeds take place in this science. Many machines used for agriculture, such as Tractor, cultivators, harrows, trailers and many more in farming. Tractor used for several operations by the farmers in agriculture, and Indian farmers mostly believe in Indo Farm Tractor for their agricultural operations. This Tractor has maintained its value for the farmers for a long time. Agriculture plays a large part of the Indian GDP.


Highest paying Jobs in agriculture industry


Most popular jobs in agriculture industry in India are:


·       Biochemist

Science of living in the part of science beings to benefit humanity is called biochemistry. Biochemists make their fast-developing career in the field of horticulture. They are researching the bio-lab on agricultural products for making them more productive and profitable. The average annual salary of a biochemist is Rs. 390,000. 


·       Food Scientist

As for the name, food science is the scientific study of food products that comes from agriculture. Food Scientist does reviews on agriculturalproducts. The study states how much calories in a particular product and what should eat or not eat. The research knows the value of protein, glucose, fat, and many more. The average annual salary of a food scientist is Rs. 750,000.


·       Environmental Engineer

In environmental engineering, students learn about the quality of water and air and the environment. The highly growing career opportunities make this study most famous for the students. The environmental engineers’ research on water and the wind give the data to improve these renewable resources’ quality. The average annual salary of an engineer is Rs. 433,270.


·       Agricultural Lawyer

The Agricultural Lawyer gives legal advice for the property of farmers. There are many workers in the farming business which needs many workers. The traditional law for workers and property protection and farm protection, we need an agricultural lawyer. Let’s talk about the average annual salary of an agricultural lawyer, which is Rs. 395,000.


·       Agricultural Operations Manager

Agricultural operations manager, manages the agricultural products. There are several crops produced in the farms of the farmers. Farmers cut the final crop, take it to the market, and hold it for a long time to profit; once crops have high value in the market, agricultural managers sell them to the companies and make a high profit. The whole process is called agricultural product management, and the manager is the key to this process. The average annual salary of a manager is Rs. 778,278.


·       Animal Geneticist

Animal Geneticists take responsibility for animal health and their breed. He researches the generation of animals and makes a new breed that is more versatile. The average salary of an Animal Geneticist is Rs. 4,62,383.


·       Agricultural Engineers

Another most growing career in the agriculture field is an agricultural engineer. The art or science of agriculture learned in agricultural engineering. This career has the most growth in the field of agriculture with a lot of scopes and vacancies. Several companies do research on agriproducts and agricultural production in India. The average annual salary of a farm engineer is Rs. 497,492.

·       Agricultural Economist

An agricultural economist works as an all fields economist, and they work to handle all the things in the agricultural field. There are several works for the economist, such as market examine, business guide, advisors, encouraging their clients, etc. We can say that agriculture has a one-man army that is an agricultural economist. The average annual salary of an agrarian economist is Rs. 828,744.

The agriculture field is the most popular for the highest scope for jobs. This field gives a lot of employment to the agricultural students and cuts off Indian unemployment. The agricultural area offers various job profiles which makes students interested in it. Indian GDP depends on the farming business, and the main motive of farming studies is to invent new ways to increase farming business productivity.

We have given you a lot of knowledge of the most popular highest-paying jobs in agriculture in India. Do you want more, please do-follow.

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