Instagram Ownership transfer: How to transfer the Instagram account to another person.

Instagram Ownership transfer: How to transfer the Instagram account to another person.

Instagram Ownership transfer: How to transfer the Instagram account to another person.


Instagram is an online media platform that people use to socialize with each other and share creative ideas. This source enables you to connect with other people by sharing your videos, media content, photographs, and much more. One of the distinct features of Instagram is that it authorizes you to choose the community of your preferences.


You can follow the people that you want to and if you do not want a particular person to follow you, you can quickly delete their friend request. You don’t have to connect with the people with whom you don’t feel comfortable. For this very reason, the application is one of the most secure applications available today for users. It has given more freedom to the users by allowing them to communicate with only those they want.

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Our Instagram account is the first step to enter this extraordinary world. It is the doorstep to new gatherings of people that may have hobbies and interests as you have. If you are a huge fan of rock music, you will find profiles where only content related to your interest would be displaying. 

But as we know, today's world is progressive minute by minute. People are not just using Instagram to create a community of friends now, and they are utilizing it in many new and unique ways. One of the most significant ways is to promote your brand or business online via Instagram. If your business is ever-expanding with more Instagram followers and customers, it would be utmost impossible for you to manage it yourself. At one point or another, you may need to allow your virtual assistant, marketer or trusted partner to access the data as well. It would be needed to assess the analytics, ongoing trends, and more importantly, how particular posts or promotions are doing up there.

Why is there a need to transfer your Instagram account?


For this purpose, the Instagram app developers introduced a new feature of business accounts. You can turn your account into a business profile for availing better promotion features. For authorizing this feature, you have to transfer your account ownership to other people to spread your work more and more.  

How to transfer the Instagram account to another person:


To transferring your account to another person, you will handle their password and username. But before that, you have to make sure to change all the information and make the account reset on default settings.

Following is a set of instructions, need to be followed to transfer the Instagram account to another person:

  1. First of all, open the Instagram app on your mobile phone or PC. 
  2. Log in to your ID by adding your username and password.
  3. Now click on the profile icon at the very bottom right corner of your Instagram home page.
  4. Tap on the 3 horizontal lines icon at the top right corner, a menu will pop up. At the end of the menu. There will be a setting option. 
  5. If the two-factor authentication is enabled, first, you have to disable it. You can do that by just clicking on the link in the setting option.
  6. There are also linked accounts (Facebook, tumbler, Twitter, etc.) in the settings. If you plan to transfer these linked accounts to your buyer, you will not make any change, but if you do not want to transfer them, you will remove them before the buyer authorized it.
  7. Then you will remove your credit card and PINs information by clicking the payment option.
  8. Now you will click on the private information section and change your email address and phone number. 
  9. Add the contact information (email address, phone number) of the buyer. Then you will click done.
  10. The procedure will be completed.

How the buyer will authorize the account from the seller:


The seller will simply pass the password along with the username to the buyer. But the seller will do so after changing all the information and steps mentioned above to secure your privacy and for the buyer to add his or her information to the Instagram account.

How this action will benefit you in optimizing your online presence:

Transferring your Instagram account to another person is vital if you want to socialize your brand more diversely. When you transfer your account to another person, that person will use it with a new outlook that will make the followersview it differently. It will be a fresh change for them, that will make them more attentive towards it. It will ultimately increase brand discoverability. 

This is a very healthy activity mostly adapted by the business accounts. They usually transfer their Instagram accounts to those people who can enhance their work by using their best qualities.



People are changing their ways of growing their online brand publications. Transferring your Instagram account to a new authority is a vast method to make you more visible online. You can do this transfer by following the mentioned set of instructions which are very easy and simplified. Transferring your Instagram account is quite a big step. And to make this right, you have to follow these certain steps. By doing this, the seller and the buyer will both be at peace with.


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