How to select the right area rugs from online rug stores

How to select the right area rugs from online rug stores


How to select the right area rugs from online rug stores

When you are planning to personalize your living space, you must consider choosing the right element for the right area. Whether it is about the furniture, the paint, the flooring, or other decorative essentials, you must be aware of the purpose of that purchase. If you are shopping for rugs from online rug stores, make up your mind for the right area rug before doing the purchase.


When you are looking for an area rug, don’t just look at the design or the color palette of it. It’s very important to know the area where you are going to place it; then comes the material which is suitable for it and later comes the tone and the colors of that area rug according to your home décor.


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The purpose of an area rug:

Rugs are not just decoration pieces in a home. The purpose of a rug is to cover a specific area that is why they are different from carpets, hence known as area rugs. While buying a rug online you should consider its purpose or the area in which it is going to be placed. Two factors are very important to consider when looking for an area rug.

1.     Indoor rugs:

As the name suggests, indoor rugs are supposed to be placed in the house in specific areas. Indoor rugs are mainly for the living room, dining area, bedroom, and staircase runner. The material and the texture of these rugs are quite different from outdoor rugs.

2.     Outdoor rugs:

Rugs that are placed outside your living space, usually on the porch or patios, are included in outdoor rugs. These rugs are supposed to be thicker than the indoor ones because they contain most of the outside dust particles. They are mostly made up of jute to withstand the weather conditions and the shoe soles. 


The lifestyle matters:

There is a wide range of rugs available at online rug stores which makes it interesting to choose the best option. But it is not only about the design and the colors, your lifestyle matters a lot when you remodel your house. The texture, design and the quality of rugs varies according to the specific areas. 

For different areas of your home, particular area rugs should be placed. Here are some points which make it easier for you to decide what type of area rug you should opt for.


  1. Rugs for living area
  2. Rug for a bedroom
  3. Rugs for porch or patios
  4. Rugs for homes with pets
  5. Rugs for the study area
  6. Runner rugs

1.     Rugs for living area:

For a nice and homely feel, you should be creative and wise when selecting an area rug for your living room. A living room is a very homely place where everyone wants to feel at ease. So rugs for such an area should be soft and cozy. 

As far as the shades and texture are concerned, there is a variety of soft and light shades at online rug storesA neutral shaded area rug in wool or cotton is suitable to be placed as they are easily washable and maintained. Keep in mind that the area rugs must match the elegance of your furniture and the overall theme of your living area.


2.     Rugs for a bedroom:

A bedroom is supposed to be a personal space for the one using it. You should select soft textured area rugs in rectangular shape or you can go for an octal-shaped rug for your bedroom. It must feel soft under your foot so it can be of wool, cotton, or silk blended material.

As far as the design and color are concerned, you can go creative with the bold floral prints and a colorful theme matching with your furniture and walls of the room. You can also opt for the area rugs with borders available at online rug stores.


3.     Rugs for porch or patios:

For outside areas like porches or patios, you should consider using jute material in rugs. The reason is that they are made of thick material and they can be cleaned in many ways.

There are various designs and shades in these area rugs with organic fiber mixed in them. Avoid choosing light or plain colors and wool or cotton in rugs for outdoor purposes.


4.     Rugs for home with pets:

It’s a tricky one when you have pets in your home and you want to decorate your house with high-quality essentials. For a home that has pets in it, rugs should be selected carefully. In that case, one should prefer nylon blended rugs having light jute particles in them.

Nylon rugs are recommended because they are easily washable and are less smelly than the other ones. Avoid using woolen rugs as they release bad odor with pets in the home.


5.     Rugs for study area:

A study room must be very calm and decent where books shine brighter than the curtains. You can imagine a cool settee alongside a window, with a beautiful abstract designed, round woolen rug in front of it. 

For such a decent and comfortable setting, the area rug must be small but soft in texture. It should be in harmony with the bookshelf and the minimalist furniture in it.


6.     Runner rugs:

There is a variety of rugs available for the staircases. Runner rugs are very important if you often use them. They are mostly straight rugs, dark in tone, and hard in texture. For staircases, you must use blended cotton jute rugs with resistant properties in them.

Runner rugs are usually available at online rug stores in dark red, charcoal grey, or brown color for a longer-lasting experience.


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If you are upgrading your home, looking for the best quality rugs is not enough. Be wise with your choices. Try to make the right choice by selecting the right area rug according to your environment. Whether you are purchasing for outdoor purposes or indoor purposes, be very specific about the quality and durability of the material of the rugs following the overall feel of your home.

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