How to do website SEO 2021?

How to do website SEO 2021?


How to do website SEO 2021? 


   Video marketing is essential for business.  Why?  Because it is an effective branding tool.

The video allows the audience to remember your nonsense, to become its follower.  Tubular Insights is confident that after watching a branded video, from 64 to 90% of viewers make purchases.


l    The above statistics speaks for themselves.

   Search engines give preference to sites with video content and bring them to the TOP positions (according to statistics, pages appear 53 times more often on Google if video is embedded in them).

 Video marketing provides a number of opportunities: Rapid popularization of a brand and conquering an audience - shoot interesting videos, show how you produce a product, how you provide services, what benefits and advantages your customers receive, how your product can solve customer problems, shoot interviews with experts, give useful information to the audience.

   High-quality and interesting video content will build trust in your brand, attract customers, which will lead to increased sales.

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  Video marketing isan effective tool for promoting your business.  The strategy includes a set of measures aimed at achieving the set goals and indicates in which direction you should move and how to correctly implement it technically.


l  The goals of your video content can be:


  ⎯ For what purpose does your company, product or service need a client?

  ⎯ Why is it worth contacting you?

 ⎯ Why should you trust a brand?

 ⎯ Why do you need to make a purchase now?  Focus on visualizing benefits and advantages, show customers how you are better than your competitors, help them believe and trust you.  What formats can these be?

 ⎯ Product demonstration: external data, in action, what results can be achieved.

 ⎯ Demonstration of production, office, product creation processes, service delivery.

  ⎯ Interviews with employees, management, owners and experts.


  If you cannot show the external properties and quality of products, tell us how your product will help the client, make a presentation, use infographics.  Then the consumer will understand the essence of your business, your proposal and be convinced of your expertise.


l    Which videos should you use for what purposes?

 ⎯ video with a duration of 60-120 sec for a business card site;

 ⎯ 30-60 sec video clip for product advertising;

  ⎯ video with a duration of 30-60 sec for social networks; 

  ⎯ a clip with a duration of 15 seconds for instagram.

l  Promotion of video content on the Internet


Your task is to make sure that the video is watched by the maximum number of users.  For this purpose, such sites are suitable as:

 ✔ YouTube - Target by geography, interests, topics, keywords, topic channels or competitors' channels.

 ✔ FACEBOOK - create an advertising post to watch video content, go to the site, receive applications.  You can expand your audience with the look & like tool, which finds users with similar interests (works well if you have a fairly large customer base).

 ✔ Instagram

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l  Seeding services


Use special services for sowing, such as Viboom.  Your videos will be shown on different partner sites, for example, before watching a movie with the "skip" function.

  Contact the service support service to fine-tune the target, for example, indicating the exact resources, as well as with the possibility of skipping the video only after 30 seconds.


In order to achieve the maximum return on investment, do not forget about analytics:


  ✔ YouTube built-in tools + Google Analytics

  Google Analytics

  ✔ Analytics tools on FACEBOOK with website conversion tracking

  ✔ Analytics on other social networks and seeding services

  ✔ Call tracking to monitor the source of requests from the site.

  How to integrate a sales funnel into your video marketing?  Embedded video on the website and video content posted in a group or on a company branded Facebook page work best.  Facebook makes it possible to do effective remarketing, and the effectiveness of the video on the site is easy to track using Google Analytics.  How does it work?


  Create a video briefly explaining the problem and how you can solve it.  The video should not mention your company, it should not be branded, it should not contain a call to action.  This video content will be shown to a wide audience - people who have faced a similar or similar problem.  The purpose of this video is to gather an audience that will be interested in your proposed solution, and who will watch the video to the end.  It is to this audience who learned how to solve the problem that the next video will be shown.


  After 3-7 days, show the audience a branded video about your company, tell us about how you solve similar problems using the example of a client case.


   The third video is with calls to action.  It will be seen by the audience, ready to make a purchase from you.  In the video, you can remind the client that he has already seen how your product solves the customer's problems, this often prompts the viewer to make a purchase / visit the site before the call to action.


Facebook is an effective platform that allows you to:

  ✔ audience targeting;

  ✔ collecting audiences for remarketing;

 ✔ analytics with tracking.  It is best if a specialist helps you figure it out, since it will be difficult to do this without help.

  For those who have not watched the first video to the end - show the video which indicates that the client will receive special conditions if he applies immediately.


This resource distributes press releases on the Internet on request.  With the help of this system, you can increase the traffic to your resource in the shortest possible time by advertising news in online media.  After that, the resource begins to be actively discussed and cited on the Internet, due to which there is an increase in links, traffic and sales.


l  B2blogger.com

  Naturally, the service is not very suitable for an ordinary information blog, it is rather needed for online stores, large services or companies.


The cheapest economy fare is $ 70.  Press releases will be posted on topical news sites.  A positive result is not guaranteed.

The "Business" tariff costs $ 120.  It advertises on social networks, news aggregators and posting in the news feed.  You can also add a newsletter to news sites, but then the cost of the service increases to $ 280.

Guaranteed.  With this rate, a positive result is guaranteed.  However, the cost of the service is not indicated, since it is probably individual.

It is worth taking a closer look at this method of promotion, because it is very fast and effective.  The mailing will be finished on the 5th working day.


 Technical tools.

 For site audit.  What are these tools?


l  URI Valet.  The service shows the user the basic technical information of the site, such as the download speed.  URI Valet combines the power of 10 structured tools to display all data on one page.  The service generates lists of external and internal links, checks them and creates reports in the form of graphs.

l  SiteCondor.  A tool for free analysis of the work of at least 2 search robots and up to 200 URLs.  Site Condor can be used to retrieve individual page elements, explore structured data, and collect summary statistics.  The tool also monitors the crawling of the site by search engine robots.

l  Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit.  Site analysis tools allow you to perform in-depth verification of compliance with the requirements of search engines.  Upon completion of the work, the service issues detailed reports.

l  GoogleWebmaster Tools.  The tool is used to research search queries, determine the correctness of HTML code, add structured data markup to the site, etc. The service is also effectively used to view keywords and statistics of dynamic processes in traffic.

l  Advanced Meta Tag Generator & Google Search Results Preview.  Website SEO service allows the user to see how a resource looks like in Google search results.


To analyze the performance of the site and pages.  The list of such tools may include the following:


l  Google Developers PageSpeed ​​Insights.  The service measures the speed of loading pages on personal computers and mobile devices.  URL verification is carried out 2 times using different user agents.  Within the scale, the resource speed indicator can vary within the range of 0-100 points.  Page performance is considered good if the score is above 85.

l  GTmetrix.  SEO tool analyzes up to 5 URLs per month.  The service uses data from YSlow, Yahoo!  and Google PageSpeed.  The SEO tool suggests ways to fix the problems it finds.  The user receives a report showing page speed data, an image and recommendations on the left side of the interface, with the main content below on the right.

l  Pingdom Website Speed ​​Tool.  The SEO tool shows the time it takes to load all pages of the site.  With this service, specialists can find the reasons for the slowdown.  In addition, the Pingdom Website Speed ​​Tool provides a timeline for researching performance, reports page size, and makes recommendations for speeding up the resource.


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