Best Things To Do In Manali In July

Best Things To Do In Manali In July

Best Things To Do In Manali In Ju


If you are planning a trip to Manali and wondering what are the best things to do there in July. Don’t worry readout this Manali Travel blog where we are presenting you all the details to make your trip most memorable. Whether you are travelling in family, with friends or in couples these are the must visit places to see or experience in Manali.

No matter wherever you go in the world, nothing can satisfy you like India can! Who isn’t familiar with how amazing and pretty Manali is? The best town in Himachal Pradesh that will make you fall in love with the beauty of India is a vacation that you should plan immediately and visit!

You can take a flight till Dehradun or Chandigarh and take a road trip from there till your destination. Undoubtedly, this will be the best road trip of your life and something so magical that you will never be able to forget. If you are visiting Manali in July, here are a few things that you should include in your itinerary!

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Things to do in Manali in July:-

1.    River Rafting

Everyone knows that no trip to Manali is complete without going for river rafting at least once! You can go river rafting in the Beas River for an adventure that will be once in a lifetime experience. You can choose from short rafting that covers a distance of 7 KMS or long rafting that covers a distance of 14 KMS. The river rafting activity is surely amazing and adventurous at the same time and we assure that you will love the experience!

2.    Trekking

A true heaven for people who love going on treks is in Manali. You will never be able to find a better trekking experience anywhere in India than in Manali. If you are a trekking enthusiast and love going on adventures, you can take a trek to the Himalayasand achieve something that you can boast about!

3.    Zorbing

Definitely one of the best activities to do in Manali but surely not for the faint hearted is Zorbing. Zorbing is an activity where you can go inside a huge transparent ball and can be thrown down a slope. Just as risky as it sounds, it is equally fun and adventurous. If you are up for taking an adventure, make sure to try out Zorbing next time you are in Manali.

4.    Camping

One thing that we are sure all Indians want to do is go camping in Manali! The best place to go camping in Manali is Salong Valley that offers amazing views of the glaciers, huge mountains and their peaks. Camping is an activity that you can do all year round in Manali but is even more fun in the month of July as it is the monsoon season and the city just begins to get cold. You can go camping independently or go with a tour group where you can build your own tents and indulge in things you’ve never done before!

5.    Rohtang Pass

One place where you can find all the activities you can do with adventures and snow at the same place is the Rohtang Pass. The most famous place located at a distance of 45-50 KMS north side from Manali that is famous for having snow showers all year round is for sure a place you should visit and go on various activities like snow scooter, skiing, mountain biking, etc. You can experience the most picturesque areas of Lahaul Spiti, Pangi and Leh Valley while you visit Rohtang.

6.    Gubala Village

A hidden gem in Manali that is located at an altitude of 4000 M is the Gubala Village where you can find snow covered mountain peaks in the snowy season, lush greenery in the spring season and cold nights where you can’t even get out of the house in the winter season. The village is situated at a distance of just 6 KMS from the Rohtang Pass and has visitors when the Pass is closed. This village is definitely a must visit place in Manali as you can experience the care and warmth of the people of Himachal Pradesh here in the true sense!

7.    Mountain Biking

The mountains call for adventure and very few people are gutsy to do this activity in Manali. A lot of people like to take up challenges and those are the ones that go biking on the mountains of Manali. You can go biking with a tour group that provides you a bike, a helmet and everything else that will ensure your safety while you experience the best activity in Manali.


Aren’t you just as excited as we are after reading about all the amazing things that you can do in Manali and all the activities that you can take up while you are on your trip! If these activities are anything that excite you, then what are you waiting for? Book your activities and also your tickets to Manali and go on a trip that you will never be able to forget. It is correctly said that ‘adventures are what keep us alive’ and we promise this will be an adventure you will like to experience over and over again!

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