What news items will be next year?

What news items will be next year?

 What news items will be next year?

l  The largest electronics manufacturers plan to bring Fold-tablets to the market. The first such new gadgets were announced by Lenovo. It will be a ThinkPad device. The features of the new gadget we can notice: a flexible 13,3-inch screen, display 2048*1536 pixels and carbon case.The price of the new device will start at $2499 for the basic configuration.

l  Developed by Human Capable Inc. (Florida) presented innovative AR- glasses Norm Glasses with support for voice commands. The functions of the new device can be purchased already in 2021 includes: making calls in the GPRS network, receiving and sending messages, work with the built-in photo and video camera, music player control where you can promote Spotify songs and your Spotify playlist.

l  HTC announced the imminent release of the 2nd generation of virtual systems, dubbed the mixing of the virtual and real world thanks to the integration of video received from the front camera of the device.

l  In 2021 we are waiting for news surprising gadgets like a Blackberry smartphone with a full-fledged “old-school” keyboard QWERTY and laser projection keyboards working on SelfieType technology which will appear in the base Samsung smartphones.


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l  Smart bed

  Another trend in 2021 is the world's first Climate 360 smart bed from Sleep Number, which creates a microclimate for a sleeping place.  First, the surface of the bed heats up to help the person fall asleep.  Then the bed gradually cools down - this prolongs the sleep time.


  The temperature of the mattress can be adjusted independently, and the base of the bed is also regulated - this allows for a comfortable head and legs for the user.  Moreover, the bed can change the firmness of the mattress - the SleepIQ technology changes it automatically during the entire sleep period on each side.

  The smart bed also has its own mobile application, in which you can track the quality of sleep and some health parameters.  The bed will cost the buyer $ 8,000.

Immersion in virtual reality


·        The HP Reverb G2 VR helmet is a joint venture between Valve and Microsoft. Manufacturers promise total immersion with 2160x2160 pixel resolution and full RGB color support without moire.  In addition, the helmet features the industry's best lenses and drivers from Valve.


  The helmet promises to be comfortable thanks to the adjustable lens spacing and an enlarged faceplate.  Thus, the helmet can be customized by any user, regardless of the size and shape of the face.


·        New iPhone without connectors?


  In 2021, the release of a new product from Apple is expected - the iPhone 13 smartphone, or iPhone 12s.  Like the 2020 version, a whole line is expected to be released, the smartphones of which will differ from each other in performance and screen size.  The new products are expected to have an improved camera, a faster A-series processor, and a new 5G chip from Qualcomm.


  According to some sources, one model of the line will be deprived of all connectors and buttons - the device will be charged exclusively using Qi technology.

There is still very little information on the release of new items from Apple in 2021, however, judging by the rumors and forecasts of analysts, the presentation of the gadget may take place in September - October.  The new model may rise in price by $ 100-150 compared to the iPhone 12.


·      Vivo with 100 watt charging


  World-renowned Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has announced the new Vivo with 100W fast charging.  Based on the results of the initial test, a complete 4000 mAh battery will recover to 100% in 17 minutes.  The model will go into serial production at the beginning of the year.

  There was also information that the developers began to create smartphones with flexible displays.  However, nothing specific about this is still unknown, we can only assume that the prototypes of the new phone with a foldable screen from Xiaomi may come out as early as 2021.

     • Budget 5g-smartphones Xiaomi

As a manufacturer of smartphones of different price points, Xiaomi has announced the release of an entry-level gadget with 5G support.  The company representative announced the price of the new model at $ 140.  The full transition of China to a new level of communication is predicted in 3-4 years.  Therefore, intensive development is underway in this direction.  In total, a line of 10 models with support for the fifth- generation network is expected to appear simultaneously.

     • Meizu with 5g support

  Meizu also announced the decision to supplement their smartphones with 5G technology.  Experimental models can be expected to enter the market as early as 2021.  It is supposed to develop and release a flagship and budget gadget.  The global version will receive only the first version, a cheaper modification will be made exclusively for China.

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