Best Valentine's Braiding Hairstyles Ideas

Best Valentine's Braiding Hairstyles Ideas

 Best Valentine's Braiding Hairstyles Ideas 

Here is a list of beautiful braided hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

14th of February is a special day for many women. Some celebrate this day with their partner and some with their close friends. So, have you started planning your hairstyle for the day of love? No? I got you. Make your Valentine’s Day night a memorable one whether you are going out or staying in with the best Valentine’s braiding hairstyle ideas. 


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Medium-Sized Box Braids 


A stylish and chic hairstyle with side-parted braids 

The fantastic thing about box braids is that you get a lot of parting and styling options. Show off your best side with a side part. You will not go wrong with this braiding hairstyle

Go the extra mile and install golden hair beads throughout your hair. Match the look with a pair of gold plated hoops and a top of your choice on Valentine’s Day.


Twisted Bun with Twist Braids


Twisted bun hairstyle 

The twisted bun is an excellent choice for your dinner date. Tie your twist braids into a bun. Slip into a body on dress and ace your makeup game with red lips. Apply a highlighter to accentuate your features. The beautiful bun will make you look youthful and taller. 


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Low Bun with Cornrows


A beautiful hairstyle that is great for any plans 

Cornrows are classic protective hairstyles that allow your locks to grow and look gorgeous. This is an easy hairstyle to create. Gather big sections of your hair and braid it in a simple pattern, as shown in the picture. Tie your cornrows into a low bun near the nape of your neck. It is a chic and fresh hairstyle that makes you look youthful. No matter what Valentine’sDay ideas you or your partner might have, you won’t go wrong with this hairstyle. Celebrate the day of love with this hairstyle and a dress. 


High Ponytail


Braided high ponytail hairstyle 

A ponytail is a great hairstyle on its own, but it is out of this world with braids. You can achieve this look as long as your protective hairstyle isn’t braided from the roots. The longer your braid is, the chicer it will look. Add color to your black braids with the help of a vibrant colored thread. Wrap around a braid or two to make this hairstyle stand out. 



Two-Strand Braid and a Bun 

The perfect braided hairstyle for women with thin hair 

The two-strand braid on the side with a bun is a gorgeous hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. It is a great hairstyle for women with thin hair. Take a section of hair and set it aside. Tease the remaining hair to create volume. Apply hairspray and do a two-strand braid on the section that you set aside. Once your hairstyle is complete, loosen your braid. It is an elegant and timeless hairstyle.


An Effortless Halo Braid


An effortless halo braid for Valentine’s Day

Look like an angel with an effortless halo braid on Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to style this look, but this is a unique take on the regular halo braid. Create double braids with your long hair. Take a few sections of your hair out to frame your face. This hairstyle will look even more beautiful if you have highlights.  


Two Side Cornrows for Short Hair 


Side braided cornrows for short curly hair 

Try this braiding hairstyle for your short curly hair. It is chic and simple. Create two side cornrows for your night out this Valentine’s Day. Style your edges and look bold & beautiful with red lipstick.

Go the extra mile and choose a pair of dangling earrings. It will compliment your short curly hair. 


Mohawk with Side Braids


Mohawk with side braids 

Mohawk with side braids is another stunning hairstyle for women with short curly hair. Create multiple three-strand braids on both sides and tie them into a Bantu knot. This is an excellent look if you are going for an edgy and feminine look on Valentine’s Day. 



Voluminous Bun with Box Braids 


Volume-packed up-do with braids 

Achieve a fuller look with a voluminous bun with your box braids. It is a beautiful updo that you can achieve in less than five minutes. Flip your head and gather your box braids and tie them into a bun. Use bobby pins to secure the look. You can wear nay outfit with this stylish hairstyle. 


Ombre Side-Parted Braids 


Stand out with a vibrant ombre color 

Are you looking for a braided hairstyle that will make you stand out in the crowd? Well, look no further than this gorgeous, eye-catching ombre side-parted box braids. Dye your hair extensions or get them pre-colored; either way, it will make you stand out. Choose an ombre color that compliments your skin tone and brings out your features. Soak in all the attention this Valentine’s Day with this ombre hairstyle. 



Box Braids Pigtail Buns


Two in one hairstyle 

Boost your self-confidence with this box braid with pigtail buns. This is the perfect hairstyle for women with long braids. It is a playful and stunning hairstyle with volume-packed space buns. To achieve this fantastic hairstyle, create a center part and use big chunks of hair to create the buns. Use a pony holder to secure both space buns. You get two hairstyles at once!


These are my list of braided hairstyles for you to wear this Valentine’s Day. Try anyone from the list above and look and feel GORGEOUS on the day of LOVE. 


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