Tips of Video Marketing

Tips of Video Marketing

Tips For Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the growing marketing industries.  This is directly related to the growing interest in the format: video is easier to digest than text or photographs.  Therefore, many brands are trying to increase their reach through this tool, but not all succeed.  In this article, we will break down the basic video marketing rules that will help you avoid stupid mistakes and not waste your budget.

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Step 1. Purpose

Everything in the world has a purpose.  And your business is no exception.  And who, if not you, (or your marketer) knows the company's goals best?

It is clear that development and increase in profits are driving us, but here, in video marketing, we need to think strategically and in more detail.  In addition, you need to start gradually, so the goal may sound like this:

Increase subscribers on the YouTube channel or create one;

Creation of selling videos for social networks;

Increase your audience with Instagram overview videos;

Development of a series of branded videos to increase awareness;

Placing a video about the company on the site to increase conversion;

  In any case, each business has its own tasks.  But the action plan must be on paper.  Therefore, task number one is to set a clear goal for your video marketing.

Step 2. Audience and platforms

All marketing is based on understanding your target audience, in principle.  Therefore, you must clearly understand: who will watch your videos?

Who are these people?  Why should they be interested in your reviews or broadcasts?  What action should they take?

Understanding your audience affects the definition of the site, which we have already familiarized ourselves with.  In general, be sure to remember that video marketing is built primarily in the interests of customers.

Communicate with your audience

The best communication format is streaming (live broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, etc.).  If for some reason you cannot organize them, then listen to comments and feedback, and also respond to them.

If viewers repeat the same questions that cannot be answered in a nutshell, then write about this video - subscribers will appreciate it.  What are the advantages of this solution?

The closer you are to your audience, the more relevant videos you will be releasing.

An old friend is better than two new ones - transferring this saying to business: it's easier for you to retain a client than to look for a new one.

By communicating with your audience, you show them that they are important.  This increases viewer loyalty.

Step 3. Command

Naturally, in order to embed a video in your company, you need to make it.  Here you have to proceed from the goals that you have identified.

For example, if it is a branded video, then it is better to involve a professional studio or a video marketing company for its production.

If you want video posting for your own channels, then you have to find editors, copywriters.

Plus, you need hardware and software for production, and this is generally a separate topic for an article.  But ... I'll just say: "Get ready to invest."

Step 4. Promotion

You know your goals, you know who your customers are and where they live, you know who will be involved in the production.

It remains to determine the strategy for promoting your videos.  And all because there is no point in doing this without promotion.  "Well, how much will it all cost?"  - you ask.  I hasten to upset you, but there are no specific figures.

Since the cost will depend on the advertising platform, the duration of the advertising campaign, and many other factors.

And as much as I would not like, but the budget is necessary, just treat it as an investment and a long-term perspective.

Step 5. Analysis

This step stands alone as it involves taking steps after completing and implementing the previous four steps.  But ... Do not forget about the indicators that need to be determined at the very beginning.

If you do not know what will be the result, then it becomes difficult to conduct an analysis.

And therefore, write down the metrics that are suitable for you.  This can be the average duration of views, reach in social networks or reposts, conversion on the site, or CTR of video ads.

In addition, the analysis will make it clear what you need: modify the material, replace some parts, or even come up with something new to improve performance.

I also suggest you to consider the commandments of successful video marketing.

Commandment 1. More useful and interesting, less advertising

   What value does the channel bring to your customers?  If you continuously release commercials, then subscribers will start leaving the channel, and new ones will appear less and less.  This is due to the fact that the vast majority of site users use it for training.

Therefore, try to engage your audience with expert opinions, reviews, and simply informative videos.  When making commercials, release them in story format.  They can be funny, heartwarming, or just plain interesting.

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Commandment 2. Test different cover formats

The cover is the first thing a user sees when they come across a video.  Accordingly, the first "station" where the conversion goes is the covers that are unsightly for people.  A proper preview should be intriguing or even provocative.  But don't forget that it must match the content.

Here are some simple tips.

A photo of a person attracts much more attention, all other things being equal.

Use pictures or stills that reveal the content but keep the intrigue.

Use text.  Do not overdo it: you need to fit everything you need into a few words.

Use fonts that read well.  Don't forget that initially,  the user will see a thumbnail.

Commandment 3. Use multiple platforms to promote

Three years ago, Cossa published a YouTube promotion case study.  In short, the most effective video can be achieved if it is advertised on other channels and platforms.  In addition, YouTube itself is not a lead generation tool: it takes “warmed up” people to the site, where they spend a third more time than others.

Therefore, videos need to be announced in all your communities.  Include the most interesting ones in your email newsletter.


Studies show that the viewer loses interest starting from 10 seconds.  Many switch the roller even earlier.  How to avoid this?

Control the length of your video.  Video focusing on information content - 10 minutes, advertising video - 1-2.  Check out the graph below to see how minutes are related to efficiency.

Grab attention from the first seconds.  If you are planning an interesting ending, be sure to hint at this on the cover (see Commandment # 2).  If the video implies some kind of listing, then voice it in the introduction.

Don't set aside time to swing.  Think about how you can start with the main thing.  If you talk about anything for a long time, then you will lose interest.

By following these tips, you will build a solid base to form hypotheses, test them, and make videos more effective.  But don't forget that the most important part is the content.  No matter how much you bother with production and promotion, if your videos are not interesting, then they will not be watched.

Sara Konor

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