How To Claim Free DJ Alok Character In Free Fire

How To Claim Free DJ Alok Character In Free Fire

How To Claim Free DJ Alok Character In Free Fire

Garena Free Fire Is Trending Game In 2021 with 500 million+ download. Every Player Want to become pro In Garena Free Fire, But Without DJ ALOK character, You are Not completely pro. So here is the full article on How to get DJ Alok In free fire for free. After reading this article You will definitely Know all about How to Unlock Dj Alok For free In free fire. So without wasting time Let’s Start.

Most YouTubers and Popular Free fire players Use Free Fire Advance server To get free Guns skins, Characters, and many more free rewards. You will also Get free 300 diamonds as Login Bonus in the free fire advance server. You can also earn diamonds from the free-fire advance server by simply finding mistakes In free fire, Advance server means a testing server, So you can find easily so many mistakes in advance server. You can also get DJ Alok In Advance server In Only 1 diamond. YouTubers use advance server to get all Upcoming Free fire Items, like characters Guns skins, And Vehicles Skins before they Launch In the Offical Free fire game. You can also Apply for free fire advance server from the official website of the free fire advance server.

How to Unlock DJ Alok In free fire for free?

You can use so many apps like Google Opinion reward. Just download the Google opinion reward app from the play store and simply answer some surveys and You will get some Rewards Point. Now You Can Use the reward Points to Unlock DJ Alok characters for free without Money and Paytm.

How to get Dj Alok character for free In Free fire?

There are so many ways to Unlock DJ ALOK in the free fire. You can Buy two special airdrops of 29rs. Now You will get 600 diamonds. Now you can use these diamonds for Buying Dj Alok. You Can also Use VPN Trick to get DJ Alok In Gold coins. But you can not use VPN And server change trick In Your main free fire account.

Thank You for reading Our article On How to Unlock Dj Alok For free. Click here to Fix LAG and High ping problem In Free fire

Dj Alok's ability

DJ Alok is one of the most popular characters that were recently added to the game. His ability is called Drop the Beat.' When used, the ability creates a 5m aura, which increases ally movement speed by 10% and supplies 5 HP for 5 seconds.

There are eight levels of the character, and at each level, the ability enhances. At the final level, it forms a 5m aura that boosts the ally movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP for 10 seconds.

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