Things to Buy in Bali | Shopping Guide

Things to Buy in Bali | Shopping Guide

 Things to Buy in Bali | Shopping Guide

Tourists in Bali always desire to shop for something as a symbol of memories, so you get different purchasing options from handmade ornaments to handwoven ikats and batiks, to the famous coffee and chocolates, & you'll get all this from the simplest shopping places in Bali. One also can search the extensive range of Balinese style at modern boutiques and native shops.

We provide shopping details of things to buy in Bali. When it involves pacifying the Shopaholic within you, there is a spread of things to buy in Bali. Our Bali Tour Packages have such a lot to provide aside from the simplest tourist destinations.

It considers hotels, meals, things to shop for, places to shop for, and lots of other relevant things for everybody. If we mention the shopping items you get range from Kopi Luwak coffee to exquisite designer wear, and far more, everything is out there within your budget to make sure that shopaholics have an excellent time during their Indonesia Travel.

Bali has become a shopper's paradise, over the years and you will be blown away by the different items available here. Take a note of the simplest things to shop for from Bali so you recognize accurately which shopping places to go towards and what to shop for once you have planned for a shopping tour.


1 Batik fabric and clothing

Batik fabric is employed in every Indonesian culture for religious wear, home decor, & clothing. Multiple international brands operate here also, like Gucci, Magali Pascal, and Mister Zimi. For people that like fancy clothing accessories, Bali features a lot to supply you. You’ll find a socket, which is formed using natural dyes and cotton that are woven into intricate designs. You’ll buy them for your home because it has various benefits such as you can create linen, dress, shirt, and even table cloth.

You get cheap clothing items with outstanding quality. For a more local experience, you'll go street shopping to shop for many items at an inexpensive cost, and just in case you would like something luxurious you'll head towards the department stores. The colorful prints and therefore the classic boho style will always structure the cash you've invested.

Average Price- Rs 5196 per dress approximately

Where to Buy- Alta Moda, Jalan Sulawesi, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Ubud


2 Organic Beauty Products

Women in Bali are famous for having radiant, glowing, and attractive skin. The rationale being is that organic, beauty products are made up of herbs and flowers that are found locally. There are amazing body scrubs, face scrubs, soaps, & massage oils, that are made out of flower-infused oils and lemongrass that you simply can buy from the local markets in Bali. People usually believe in organic, home-grown beauty products made up of special herbs and native flowers. You’ll get excellent deals on organic beauty products and make your skin flawless and glowing.

Average Price- Rs 1500

Where to Buy- Bali Balance, Kou Bali, Ubud Bali shopping market


3 Chocolates and occasional

Indonesia is documented for its Kopi Luwak coffee. Bali is legendary for its Luwak flavor chocolates and occasional which is amongst the foremost common things to shop for. it's the foremost precious coffee within the world with a robust & unique taste.

Kopi Luwak is that the costliest coffee in Indonesia and readily available in various cafes. it's one of the foremost elegant coffees globally & has become a top priority within the list of things to shop for in Bali. You get a good choice from organic dark and almond milk chocolates to Kopi Luwak coffee. For all chocolate & coffee addict, you'll take each day trip to Ubud Teba Sari plantation and buy coffee beans, seasonings, and other regional herbs.

Average Price- Kopi Luwak- Rs 7500 per kg

Where to Buy- Pod Chocolate Factory & Cafe, Chocolate Cafe, Cau Chocolates


4 Bags

Bali may be a major center for eco-friendly & sustainable things to preserve the culture. Brands like Ono Creations promote their ethical leather-soft bags made up of sourced fibers like Quercus suber. Bags and purses became one of the favorite things to buy in Bali if you're an environment-friendly shopper. If wondering what to shop for in Bali? Then you get a good collection of choices of luggage to settle on from. Don’t be concerned about the fees as bags are sold at cheap prices with unique colorful designs.

Average Price- Rs 777- Rs 1036

Where to Buy- Ono Creations, Threads of Life, Smile Clothing.


5 Bali Ceramics

Balinese ceramic pottery is that the most suitable option to shop for as a home decoration if you're finding something relatable. Incense burners, tableware, and ceramic statues are available in various shops with beautiful designs on them. One of the perfect things to urge from Bali is that the ceramic items make an excellent souvenir to bring home. There are many shops in Bali which sell items made from ceramic which incorporates basic tableware and complex incense burners.

Alongside that one also can get their hand on the ceramic statues which are beautifully carved and makes an excellent pick. These souvenirs reflect the methods of the artisans which are passed on for generations.

Average Price- Rs 10,000

Where to Buy- Ubud Ceramics and Woodcraft, Kevala Home, Kim Soo Home

6 Balinese Silver Jewelry

Stunning pieces of silver jewelry sets are made from expensive and semi-precious stones that are created by silversmiths in Bali. You’ll purchase simple earrings, rings, and armbands to require back home as memories from Bali.

Silverware is taken into account as an ideal item to shop for & the designs are traditional Balinese. There are tribal to antique jewelry that you simply can consider buying as Bali is recognized for having a number of the world's best gold and silver artistry that has no close competition. So, keep your tension aside and spend some cash on the foremost exclusive and exquisite gems which are worth a sale.

Where to Buy- John Hardy Ubud Workshop and Showroom


7 Streetwear

Be it any gender, kids to women, you'll find something for everybody on the streets of Ibu Suzy, Sukawati, and Ubud that suits their needs. Classy colors to stylish sarongs & tops, from the designing shoes to fashionable kimonos, Bali caters to the people with amazing things to shop for. you're availed of fantastic cheap things to shop for and can find something new once you explore the markets. Street shoppers can use their bargaining skills and buy their favorite items within their budget. you'll shop streetwear from the market which is usually purchased by the tourists whenever they visit Bali.

Where to Buy- Sukawati market in Gianyar, Ubud and Ibu Suzy

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8 Furniture

Shopping is among the foremost wonderful activities in Seminyak for relaxation. Shopping items like wall paintings, Canvas art, chiseled chairs, and antique furniture in Bali defines the important class. they assist in styling your house with an ideal vintage feel. Your Bali trip will offer you an excellent opportunity to find out the art of furniture shopping as you walk and look for the markets. you'll buy good furniture which will assist you in designing your home perfectly. Don't miss the prospect and do purchase the simplest furniture

Where to Buy- Saya Gallery, Kuluk Gallery, Bambooku


9 Fragrances

Fragrances and body oils are the simplest things to shop for in Bali as a home or gift item for your loved ones. Perfumes represent a personality trait then are available for both men and ladies. The perfumes and body oils are a specialty and are mostly consumed by the people in Bali and its tourists. you'll also buy other beauty products like skincare or hair care creams, as you'll get them at an inexpensive price here. Fragrances also utilized in spas are beneficial for the body in some ways. The floral scent with sensual fruity aspects of orange and peach results in ozonic watery elements. The musky & soft woody ingredients bring out the fascinating spa experience.

Where to Buy- Utama Spice in Gianyar and Denpasar

10 Dream Catchers

The dreamcatcher may be a protective charm that's wont to protect people from bad dreams & nightmares. They assist pass only good dreams to undergo your mind otherwise you experience peaceful sleep. Dream catchers are often an honest option while searching the markets in Bali. These eye-catching Talismans are apprehended here for an extended time and have been traced back to the 1960s. These bands are mixed with beads, webs, and feathers and provide a visible appeal.

Dreamcatchers are very fashionable in Bali and add a foothold to monotonous shopping by providing people a special purchasing item. Albeit you do not face nightmares you'll pip out as decor or hanging item for your home.

Average Price- Rs 55.21 per piece

Where To Buy- Any local market in Bali

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