Why Instagram Has Become Popular for Skateboarding Videos?

Why Instagram Has Become Popular for Skateboarding Videos?


Why Instagram Has Become Popular for Skateboarding Videos?

Instagram has changed the way we see skateboarding. With its 60-second story feature, endless filters, and in-app video editing, skateboarders have been taking advantage of this platform, and they’re just getting started. Instagram has provided an experience that’s similar to traditional print media, but on a much larger scale and entirely in its own league. Brands, riders, and magazines are releasing content such as Shralpin skateboarding videos at a much faster pace.

How Instagram has changed the game

When YouTube came, skaters no longer had to wait three to five years just to release new content. Pre-YouTube, the only way for skaters and new products to get seen was through magazines, movies, commercials, and team videos. With the birth of social media such as Instagram and TikTok, skaters now have the opportunity to put out high-quality videos daily, expanding their viewership faster than ever before.

Why Instagram is popular for shralpin skateboarding videos

Shralpin skateboarding videos have become a massive hit on Instagram. Here’s why:

Companies want to secure their spot

Skateboarding is a five-billion dollar industry, and big corporations such as Nike, Vans, and New Balance want to jump at every opportunity to make money. Nike has an Instagram account dedicated solely to longboarding clips -- 18% of which are promotional product placements of their clothing and footwear lines. With Instagram, companies have created a virtual catalog that doesn’t feel like one but certainly has the same effect.

Skaters get to build their brand

Instagram has empowered both pro and amateur skaters to build a following, create content, and curate their personal brand. In traditional media, a skater’s popularity would be in the hands of skating magazine. Now, skaters can directly attract audiences by the millions through shralpin skateboarding videos on Instagram. They get to create content that allows their personalities to shine through, turning them into overnight Internet stars. With that fame comes sponsorships, brand deals, and a lot of cash.

It extends traditional media

Skateboarding magazines such as Thrasher have managed to strengthen their physical presence through digital content. Thrasher has been the leading skateboarding magazine for more than 36 years, but they always lacked one thing: personality. Instagram gave them the platform to create lighthearted videos that appealed to a younger demographic, especially those who are learning to skate.


Social media platforms like Instagram have redefined the marketing strategies surrounding the skateboarding industry. Brands now create content, skaters are entrepreneurs, and magazines have reached new audiences.

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