Tips to Buy a Used Car with Confidence

Tips to Buy a Used Car with Confidence


Follow these Tips to Buy a Used Car with Confidence

Buying a pre-owned car is both confusing and challenging. In the majority of the times during

the buying process, buyers are now sure about the car. Chances of false information, faulty

parts, accidental vehicle, expired insurance, number of owners, and more always haunt the


With the entry of big players in the in used car sales, things are getting organized for good.

Dealers are now offering certified cars with all the required checks. From Cars 24 to Mahindra

First Choice, the organized used car market is expanding at a rapid pace. However, doing

proper due diligence will not harm you before buying a used car.

Hence, instead of rushing to own a used car, here are a few essential things you need to

consider to make a more informed decision.

#1 Use of the Car

Before buying the car, it is important to think judiciously about how you are going to use the car.

If you need a car for your commute to the office then it is advisable to go with a car that has

done lesser kilometers on the odometer because you will clock more kilometers per day and

your car will face more wear and tear on a regular basis. Hence, a relatively newer car will help

you to cut down maintenance costs.

If you want to buy a used car to run errands once in a while or as a second car then you can

select an older model as it would face lesser wear and tear.

#2 Size of the Car

SUV, sedan, or hatchback? Instead of judging the car by its build, think about the purpose for

which you are buying the car. If you travel alone normally or have a small family of 2-3 people

then hatchback can meet all your needs efficiently. However, if you have a family of 4-5 people

and also love doing long trips then you will need extra interior space and a larger boot to

squeeze in all the luggage. In that case, you can consider a sedan or SUV. SUV is a better

option if you also love traveling to hills or offroading.

The worth noting here is that your maintenance costs will also go up with the size of the car.

#3 Buying a Certified Car


Instances of used car buyers being duped is a normal thing. To avoid such unfortunate

incidents, it is better to deal with a registered used-car dealer for your peace of mind. Look for a

certified pre-owned car to get exactly what is promised by the dealer. Certified cars are properly

inspected and professionally refurbished with no compromise on quality. You can also secure a

warranty of up to 1 year on certified pre-owned cars. On top of that, used car dealers now also

offer finance facilities, service solutions, and other benefits.

#4 Inspect the Car Thoroughly

The thumb rule is to go with a preowned that has not done more than 20,000 kilometers and is

not older than 5 years. Here are other things you need to check while inspecting a used car.

 Test drive the car to inspect interiors, condition of seats, electronics, wheel alignment,

and the performance of the engine

 Check whether it starts smoothly or not and engine noise

 Odometer readings can be tampered easily. Compare it with the age of the car to call

out fraud

 Inspect tyres and if they are worn out then you can bargain the price of a new set of


 Check the age of battery. Discharged battery can land you in trouble


#5 Do your Own Due Diligence

Finding the vehicle owner details, insurance, auto loan, challan, and value of the car is often a

hassle. To find all this information about a used car, you can use apps like CarInfo. I use this

application as its pricing tool is unbiased and all the other information is fetched from the RTO

website. Many times, navigating through the RTO website can become cumbersome. This app

comes in handy to find all the information easily and instantly. On top of that, it is free of cost.

You can fill in the RTO registration number of the car to find the number of owners, insurance

details, challans, and more. The find the fair value of a used car, you can put in the car model

information, year of registration, and the kilometers it has done.

You can also do research on the internet about the model you are going to buy and talk with

experts. Team-bhp.com is one of the most credible communities of automobile enthusiasts

where you can get all the answers to your questions and doubts.

Hope these points will help you in buying a used car with confidencewithout any hassle.

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