Design Automation – A Road to Digital Transformation

Design Automation – A Road to Digital Transformation

Creativity is quite a human skill and no robot or automation tool can replace it.

There is a common perception that creative designing cannot be automated. True that. It’s an art and robots cannot do it.

Reason? The creativity of any kind is heavily rooted in self-expression and personalization. Human designers are the need of all times for truly discerning clients.

However, designers can compose their day-to-day tasks a lot less cumbersome. Automation can still accelerate the designing process and help creative artists boost their ingenuity – providing fully polished graphic design services, inspiring ad campaigns or web designs.

You may find several sites that help you create company logos and business cards with minimum user input; however, these automated designs are often quite generic and lifeless.

Design can be a fatiguing endeavor and here automation can partially help the creators and managers. But, from initial briefing to final delivery, only you can get down to the nitty-gritty of the actual imaginative work. No robot can do this for you. Therefore, you will seldom find any web design the agency not leveraging to automate their design processes.

3 Ways to Design Automation in 2020

Automation can do wonders for your design team from well-organized workflows to managing uninspiring, and tedious yet necessary admin tasks.

1.  Organize Content Workflow

The tracking of creative projects can be difficult when spanning multiple departments.

For example, audio-visual animation where one set of people work on computer-generated imagery, another set creates special effects and another a team doing the final post-processing.

A lot of work and in different hands with constant back and forth.

Save your valuable time and use Zapier to automate the mundane content workflow and communication so that your teams can work more effectively.

This online tool will connect your required applications such as Gmail, Slack, and hundreds of morefor automating repetitive tasks and create seamless workflows.

2.   Fast-Track Small Design Tasks

For designers, no matter how big graphic design company they are associated with doesn’t like completing repetitive tasks that is not only monotonous but also time-consuming and can result in some mindless mistakes. For instance, manually resizing of multiple files, adding text, watermark, filters, or similar effects to hundreds of images.

The small design tasks like batch editing isn’t an easy thing to do for designers whose work looks too glamorous from the outside – it actually is but only when they keep on switching from one to another creative project.

Thanks to Adobe Creative Suite to help automate these small, monotonous design tasks. Adobe A bridge helps organize and access your creative assets in bulk and edit quickly and accurately.

3.  Quick Generation of Mock-ups

Need to showcase your content? Product mock-ups are an excellent way for designers and businesses to sell physical goods, too.

It’s the most dynamic way of giving your clients a peek into your products. Besides superimposing your creative content in the most realistic way onto mockup images, you need to quickly create quality mock-ups.

Creating prototypes and mock-ups while providing web design services and that’s also from scratch needs extensive time and effort even if a ready-set PSD template is in place.

Smartmockups is an incredible free tool online to automate the image sizing and another tweaking to the mock-ups and make them as realistic as possible. With simple design process automation–image uploading to crop and edit to your liking and download the final result - designers can ensure accuracy.

Last but not the least, these automation tools help save your creative powers for upcoming projects. Additionally, they help speed up workflow and with the advancements in the AI technology designers no longer have to select layers manually for creating a professionally cut out image. 

In short, designers cannot automate creative thinking; however, they can automate a multitude of admin and design tasks.

ArhamSoft is a leading web design company that works for organizations needing creative work for business growth and development. Our expert designers have exceptional visual and graphic design skills and an eye for aesthetics. With multi-year experience, they rapidly explore creative concepts and the production, too – highly organized, development-ready files with fast turnaround time. Design automation provides them more time for creativity and delivers graphic, digital, and UX designs, etc., quickly and accurately.




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