Which Makes The Best Option? Granite VS Concrete Countertop

Which Makes The Best Option? Granite VS Concrete Countertop

­It is a difficult decision, choosing material for your kitchen countertop: for not in terms of cost but also their impact on the aesthetics and practical the function of your kitchen. 

The material of kitchen countertops is a significant part of a kitchen-remodeling budget. A well-chosen countertop makes your kitchen more appealing and easier to maintain. Further, it can also serve as an important design element for your kitchen.

There is a huge range of materials that can be used for kitchen countertops. Some materials can be surprising for you due to different qualities. Each material has some advantages and disadvantages, thus all of them need to be weighed while choosing.

Concrete VS granite

A granite countertop is not the only slab, which is made up of stone you chop vegetables on. Instead, it is a luxury that represents your status. Despite being expensive, it is beautiful and unique and is quite hard to damage. 

It is true that granite does not have all the inherent customization of concrete. However, there is a reason why it is ofte­n one of the most demanded and luxurious materials. 

Actually, newly polished granite has a very elegant and sophisticated look, that can add style to your house. Along with deep hues and all types of natural variations, this material is the first thing that catches the attention of visitors and home-owners. 

On the other hand, a concrete countertop has been gaining momentum for the last decades. It is something that is edgy yet luxurious. Concrete is basically made up of cement and aggregate. An aggregate is just like sand or crushed limestone. This is added to the cement mix to impart some specific qualities. Such qualities include increased strength or certain color or texture.

So, before making a decision for kitchen countertops, people must need to know the comparison of concrete vs granite

Heat Resistance

Both granite and concrete are more heat-resistant when compared to other laminate countertops or even surfaces like quartz. However, placing a hot object directly on a concrete countertop can be damaging for its sealant. This actually protects it from stains and spills.

The sealant is a liquid material that gives shine and finishing to granite countertops.  So, if you are placing any hot object, like a hot pot of soup, it can affect the overall look of your concrete countertop. 

Therefore, you should always use a trivet for protecting your granite or concrete countertop. Moreover, sealed granite can resist more heat than the sealed concrete. 

Environmental Impact

Unfortunately, both granite and concrete countertops have a relatively huge carbon footprint. Unless you live near any granite quarry, your granite countertops must be shipped from the place of origin till your home. No doubt this maybe thousands of miles away. On the other hand, the processes of manufacturing concrete use a lot of energy as well.

Granite is basically indestructible and it will last a long time. But it is not a renewable resource. On the other hand, concrete can easily last for decades. 

In addition, it can also incorporate with the other recycled industrial wastes like ash flying out from coal furnaces and slag from iron production. Therefore, if we compare the overall environmental impacts of both materials, you can conclude that concrete material has lesser environmental footprints than granite.
Quality Difference
Granite and concrete are both high-quality options. Maybe the granite will wear a bit better. Or perhaps concrete will finally let you have an LED embedded countertop, which looks like a starry sky.

No matter, whatever you are going to choose, you will not get anything cheap. Both granite and concrete will cost somewhere around $50 to $100 per square foot installed.

Also, if the idea of countertop maintenance will chill you to the bone, you will be better with granite. This is how you can judge concrete vs granite strength easily, as the later one is stronger than the former one. 
Everyone wants to make his home beautiful. But it is very necessary to research objects that you are going to choose. A reliable and experienced company can serve you in the best way in this regard. So, you can hire a professional for this, or can even do it by yourself. 

However, if you are feeling difficulty in selecting your kitchen’s countertop then the above article can help you with the best selection. You will be able to select the best for your kitchen. Your efforts will reflect from your house and kitchen. Therefore, pay complete attention to this information before selecting your desired countertop.  

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