What are the roles of civil engineers

What are the roles of civil engineers


Today, most of the kids want to become engineers when they grow up. They are aware of the different fields available in engineering and are clear about what they want to specialize in. Not surprisingly, most of them want to become civil engineers when they grow up. They want to work in a renowned civil engineering company and dream of constructing masterpieces across the world. Let’s keep reading to know why this profession is so popular.

What are some of the main responsibilities of a civil engineer?

Before we understand why civil engineers are very popular, let us know about some of the basic responsibilities of these people. Civil engineering services include the following:

Ø  Conducting feasibility studies and planning for a particular project in a locality
Ø  Creating the design and working with other team members to bring the design to practice
Ø  End to end work of designing, constructing and maintaining all the man-made and natural projects such as roads, highways, dams, drainage systems, bridges, airports, pipelines, railways and other buildings

Why are civil engineers important for our day-to-day living?

Almost everything that we use on a daily basis is the work of a civil engineer who toiled hard to get things in place for us. The house that we live in, the roads that we travel on, the sewage, the energy systems that we use with so much comfort, the drinking water lines which are our lifelines, and so many other things are the result of the hard work of civil engineers. Without them, our lives wouldn’t be possible at all.
What are the different branches of civil engineering?

Since the scope of civil engineering is too huge, it is divided into many branches for ease of administration and allotment of work. Some of the popular branches of civil engineering are earthquake engineering, forensic engineering, structural engineering, construction engineering, coastal engineering and so on.

What are the mandatory skills for civil engineers?

Apart from the basic civil-engineering graduate degree from a college or university, a civil engineer should also possess the following mandatory skills to achieve success in his career.

Ø  Speed and accuracy in mathematics
Ø  Great exhibition of decision-making & problem-solving skills
Ø  outstanding communication skills (both oral & written)
Ø  Good leadership skills as he has to get his teamwork within the timelines
Ø  Technical training or a master’s degree in any specialization of civil engineering is an added advantage

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